Friday, January 23, 2009


Tonight I am heading to Brownwood for our annual Herd Reunion! My college girlfriends and I are meeting up in the wonderful Bwood to hang out and catch up. It has been way to long since I've seen or even talked with some of them so it will be a wonderful day catching up. I am sad that there are some that won't make it, but I will enjoy the ones that are there. I am leaving tonight after work at 5 to drive the 5 and a half plus hours to get there. Not really looking forward to the drive but it'll be worth it. So much has happened in all of our lives since graduation. We all have real jobs, some of us are married, some have babies and others have traveled the globe. I can't wait to hear about the happy times and sad times of this past year. I am so blessed to have experienced those wonderful 4 years of college. What an amazing gift that was to me! Both Cliff and I met lifelong friends that we cherish today. My sweet husband is letting me stay through Sunday so it will be a fun weekend. AND I think I'm going to get to see my parents which is an added bonus. :) Below is a pic of our the spring of our senior year. Not everyone is in the pic...but i's a good one!

Left to right: me, Brandi, Maria, Meredith, Kate, Kalie and Dom

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Funny Story!

I love my husband soooo much! He can make me laugh like no one else. We have so much fun together! Well today was no different. Usually it is Cliff laughing at me for something I did, but not today. No, today was Cliff's turns to be the object of the joke. :)

So Cliff had a basketball date at our Family Life Center with some of the guys from the church. (Sidenote: our pastor encourages all staff to use one of their working hours in the gym getting some excercise, isn't that cool!) Anyway, Cliff was going to play basketball with some of the guys at around 4 o'clock. He heads over to the FLC and changes clothes in the locker room. He pulls out this HPU Tennis t-shirt that he had brought from home and gets really uncomfortable because it is a little tight. He had been gone to a Children's Ministry Retreat in Salado and thought he'd eaten way too much and packed on some pounds this week. He was feeling really self conscious and when playing basketball kept having his shirt come up and showing his belly every time he shot!

Fast forward an hour....I come over after I get off duty as the receptionist at 5 to work out myself. I was up in the weight room doing some ab work and Cliff strolls in and is like, "Jess! I've got a problem...I didn't know I'd put on so much weight!! I really need to work out more!" The whole time I was thinking, well yeah, that shirt does look really small, but it probably isn't any big deal. He still looked fine to me, just in a smaller shirt. I told him to turn around and let me check the tag. Sure enough...he's got my medium t-shirt on. (We both have that t-shirt) hahahahaha!! He was really freaked out by it and was sooo worried about it the whole time he was playing basketball! We laughed for a while up there. Well, me more than him because he was really worried that he had gotten too fat for his t-shirts and didn't even know it had happened! He was telling me that he was about to come home and throw away all snacks.

He wouldn't let me take a picture of him...he's still got the t-shirt on and it's almost 10 o'clock. Sorry for no visuals, but it was a funny evening for us nonetheless. :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fun project!

This weekend has been really nice. Cliff and I got to hang out on Saturday after he got home form watching little kids play basketball up at the church most of the morning. I started a fun project...that doesn't have anything to do with the house! I started a t-shirt blanket! I've saved t-shirts from high school and the million that i accumulated in college and had been keeping them in a plastic sack forever. They seriously have moved with us from Brownwood. I almost donated them a couple of times because I thought it was silly to save them when I didn't even have a sewing machine. But I'm glad I didn't because thanks to Cliff and Debbie I now have a sewing machine that I got for Christmas! And I busted it out this weekend to try it out. It was really easy to get started and I learned the basics pretty quick.

I have one whole side of my blanket finished. Thanks Aunt Lynne for the advice! I think it is goign to turn out pretty good...we'll see what happens when I actually start doing the finishing touches. It is pretty least 7' X 6'! I know, kinda crazy but Cliff and I agreed it'd work for a big family blanket to snuggle with on the couch. I am convinced it is going to be my favorite, most comfy blanket in the house! :)

Below are a couple of pictures of the top part of the blanket. It is laid out in my cleanest most peaceful room in the house. Every other room is sort of crazy, but this one stays clean. :) It has the ironing board set up in it, but that can be picked up and put away in no time.

So, great weekend, nothing got done on the house, but it was nice and fun to do a fun project.

O and Cliff and I went fishing Saturday afternoon. It was so nice to spend time together in the quiet of a beautiful sunny afternoon by a large pond. There were THOUSANDS of geese there too. Like totally covering half of this huge pond! (I guess you'd call it a pond because it isn't really a lake I don't think) Anyway, we got to stay about 2 or 3 hours and got to see the geese all take off. They were so pretty and really loud. They even dripped on us as they flew away. We didn't catch any fish, but it was still fun!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Cliff in Salado

Well Cliff left town yesterday with Elaine our preschool minister for a Children's Ministry conference in Salado. He'll be gone until Wednesday night, I think he flys in around 7:30 that night. He'll be pretty busy while he's there with the conference during the day and then dinners at night. Darrell Eldredge, an old friend of the family, is the keynote speaker for the conference. Small world! I hope Cliff introduces himself and gets to meet him.

While he's gone I'll be working as usual, church Monday and Wednesday and internship on Tuesday. I have a meeting tonight at the school that I had forgotten about until this morning. It is at 5:30 so I'll be heading there right after I leave here. It is a meeting about the internship that I started last week. I sure hope it doesn't last too long! Then tomorrow after my internship I finally gave in to the Mary Kay lady that I'd come to her studio for a facial type thing...ugh! I love Mary Kay products but hate the sales ladies. I mean come on, can't I just order the stuff, have someone drop it off to me and that be it. I hope this gets her off my back. One of those things about moving that you have to deal with I guess. She wants to show me some new stuff and I'm not gonna be buying so it should be thoroughly awkward. O, well, I guess it is something to do while Cliff is gone.

I am excited about the Herd reunion coming up in a couple of weeks. I can't wait to see all of my friends!!!! And I think I'll get to hug my parents too, if they end up coming to Brownwood for a few hours. :)

The day has slowed down around here...I guess I'll go read more blogs and pray that the next two hours goes by quicker!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finally...Christmas pics!

Christmas was a blast in Jacksonville! It was so nice to spend a week relaxing and hanging out with the family. Below is the family pic that Debbie and I insisted on. I think Kimberly got a few good ones too that I am getting off of her facebook. I packed sweaters because it had been soooo cold in Amarillo so I was warm most of the time since it was so nice in Jacksonville!

A couple of the pictures are of Debbie, Kimberly and I in our matchy pajamas. Debbie got us those for a pre-Christmas present. They are so comfy and aren't we cute?!

The dog in the picture with Cliff is their family dog JJ. He is a sweet dog! Speaking of dogs...we celebrated Christmas with 6 dogs and one cat this year. :) With all of the people in the house it was a three ring circus on that last day when everyone showed up!

And the last pic is me and Dom. We drove through Denton on the way home and called Dom to meet us for lunch as we passed through. It was nice to see my preo best friend! Love you Dom you are beautiful!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First week in January

I am so thankful for the New Year and a new start. The holidays were wonderful with lots of time spent with family. I will always treasure the time spent with all of my family. This move to Amarillo has brought home to me how prescious family is! I am sure that 2009 will be a memorable year. Two new babies will be added to the family: Dom and Luke are due August and I just found out that my cousin Chase and his new wife will also be having a baby sometime early fall! That means two new babies at Thanksgiving...what fun!!!

For me, this year will mean an end to my schooling FOREVER! I will graduate with my Master's in Social Work this December after I complete a 500 hour internship, a few classes and a huge paper at the end.

I started my internship yesterday. I was really nervous...just mostly unsure about what to expect, but the day went very good! I got to attend a CPS staffing where cases are presented for placement. Most of the day I just read the manual, which was pretty dry. However, I've always wondered what the standards were for Child Placing Agencies so it was interesting.

I am doing my internship with the foster/adoption branch of
Catholic Family Services.
It will be interesting to see where this takes me. I should finish my hours late July or early August. I will have the opportunity to work with foster families, birth mothers, and adoptive families. I will learn how to do home studies for potential families interested in taking in children who need a family.

It is strange to be finishing up my last year of school. I feel fortunate and blessed for this opportunity to further my education. I have many questions for what to do after many unknowns.

2009 also holds another fun ski trip to Steamboat with the family, an entire week with Dakota, our 3rd anniversary, several friends are getting married (Cassie, Lorin, Jay, Chris), new babies, graduation, fun kids events this summer, and who knows what else!! I look forward to this year of growth and change.

I will post pics of Christmas soon, maybe tonight if we get home from church at a decent hour. Cliff took the camera last week hunting so I haven't had a chance to post pictures.

Happy New Year!