Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Bit Longer for the Pics!

So sorry I have not posted pics of Kenya. We jumped right back in to work and when I sat down over the weekend to download them, the computer was being really slow. So...I'm going to sit down tonight to try and get a few up on here. I am going to post a link to the snapfish albums too so that you can see ALL of the pics. We took ALOT.

In other news. The house search has heated up. We are going drive around and look at over ten tonight. We looked through the newspaper and found those to see. I think our realtor is getting a little frustrated with our particularness. But o well, he's working for us and will get paid soon enough. WE WILL BE BUYING A HOUSE. It's just taking us a little longer than anticipated. We've seen several hopefuls but it's always something that makes it a no go. If only we could have picked up our little Early plot on Sunnydale and brought it to Amarillo. I would be a happy girl. I will forever miss my giant back yard, all of my beautiful irises and my sun room. Man I miss that house. I think it will continue to grow grander and grander in my mind as the years progress. Hahaha!

I started school on Monday. I'm taking two classes: research methodologies and social policy. Fun fun!

But I am so excited because I get to go spend an entire weekend with Dom in Wichita Falls. Woohoo!! We're gonna get manicures and pedicures, watch movies and lay out by the pool.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Paradise Lost

Today was our last day with the BCC children and it was a WONDERFUL day! I know Cliff and I both cried when we had to say goodbye. Our entire group met the children at a park called Paradise Lost today. It was awesome. The place was truly paradise. There was a cave and wataerfalls that we were able to hike all over and play in. God made this playground just for us today! We also were able to take the kids around for camel rides, horse rides, boat rides on a lake and looking at an ostrich. I got to go out on a boat with some kids and one from our group for an hour paddling around the lake. It was awesome!

We had American snacks with the group, a Kenyan lunch of rice, beef, veggies and a banana. The kids also got to enjoy a rare soda. The kids presented us with a presentation of songs, poems and a Bible verse.

Part of our group just went to the airport to head back to Amarillo, but we will be staying for another couple of days. :) Tomorrow we get to do some more shopping and then head to the safari place by airplane. The place is called Masai Mara and we will get to see lions and giraffes, etc.

Yesterday we drove by the largest slum in Kenya. It was a huge area with over 1 million people. We also were able to go to a place called the Giraffe Center. We got to feed, pet and play with about 8 giraffes. Cliff even kissed one!!! I took video and I'll be posting it when we return. After the giraffe center we went shopping and had lunch at this really nice mall. The roof was an open air market. Everyone said it was going to be horrible, crowded with pushy vendors, but Cliff and I had a ball! He is the best bargainer. :) I got some beautiful cloth to carry our future babies in like all of the Kenyan women.

We are missing our own beds, but we are having a great time here. We love the children and are sad to leave them. Talk with you all soon!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Last Day of VBS

We are about to begin our last day of VBS in Kenya. We still have another day in the park with the children but this will be our last time at the orphanage. Things are going great. It is sucvh a blessing to work with them each day. THey all know so much about Gods love and compassion. It is so neat to hear them say their verses and play games. THe orphans have so much in the way of care, and spiritual guidance but still lack so little love and openness. We lok forward to each moment with them. We cannot wait to share stories and pictures when we arrive.
Have a blessed day!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our Temporary Home.....Kenya

Well we made it to Kenya and have already spent a full day at the orphanage. Our flights were not too bad, I am just glad to not be on an airplane. That is waaaay to long for me to a confined space.

We are all a little exhausted after going nonstop, but it has already been a blessing. Jessica and I had a great time today worshiping with the orphans and the community children as well as playing with them in the afternoon. Their smiles and warm hugs are something I am already looking forward to tomorrow. It is unbelievable how content these children are with so little. We had the best time today sitting down coloring with children from four years old all the way to twelve. We have a full day of VBS planned for tomorrow. I hope everything goes as planned, I know that even if it does not God will take care of us. One unexpected twist for tomorrow is that we have 300 children from other orphanages coming to the medical clinic. We are trying to plan some activities so that we can have some interaction with them as well.

I hope everyone is doing well, I do not know how often i will post but I will try as much as possible. Jessica and I love you all and can feel your prayers.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Made it to Big D

Well our trip has finally started. All of the planning and preperation is over all that is left between us and Kenya is two long plane rides. Our time in Dallas is coming to a close. We have all made at least three laps around the terminal, needless to say we are ready to go. Please continue to pray for our team.I hope to have the opportunity to post while we are gone, but no promises. Be sure to check in with the link below. God Bless

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Preparing for Kenya

We leave for Kenya in three days! Crazy...tonight we have alot to do cleaning the apartment, laundry, and laying things out to make sure we have what we need. I really hope we can pack minimally since we are already each carrying a 50 pound bag with VBS supplies.

I wanted to get you all a link to a blog that will be kept up by Jeff and possibly Cliff throughout the trip. We will have limited access to phones and computers if any at all. The link is You can get to it by going to the First Baptist web site if this link doesn't work for you. The FBCA web site is Right now, there is a group in Uganda. Three of those team members will be meeting us in Kenya so you will see Uganda updates as well until they make it to Kenya. Please be praying for safety and health. Also, pray that we would be open and bold in speaking truth in love to those we will meet. Pray that the children and our team will connect and that they will warm up to us quickly and us to them.

In other news...I had my last summer class last night. It felt so good to turn my paper in and be done! I will start again August 25th with two more classes.

Cliff turns 24 on the 9th! We will be celebrating in London. Pray he has a good day and that I will be able to make him feel special.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

post from blackberry

I am trying this from cliff,s berry in the car on the way home from the land. We had a blast out there with the family. We were sad to leave and missed seeing kimberly out there. I,ll post more on that laterm. I got to talk to audra and dom on the phone today, the two I posted on earlier this week. Audra is doing well with baby dublin. I think she is pretty tired but happym and dom only has 4 more days of school! Pray for her to finish strong! Tomorrow will be a busy day, but I'll post pics of the land soon.