Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blog Responsibilities

Hello World! Things have changed so much around this house it is difficult to catch up from last time I blogged.  So I won't even try.  My computer had a near crash and had to be rebooted from last fall so I lost a ton of pictures. Ugh!  Every time I have tried to blog over the last 3 months blogger has been super slow and never would upload my pictures.  So no pictures today just an update on what is going on in our world. 

Camden turned two March 29th! We went to San Antonio a couple weeks before and celebrated with Honey and Dado.  Camden loved going to Sea World and still talks about it whenever he sees a whale or a dolphin. He'll say, Shamu! Sea World!  We celebrated quietly at home on the day of his actual birthday.  We met up with Cliff for a picnic for lunch, fed the ducks, had a nap and then Camden got to play in his new sand box. It was a hit!  The biggest surprise for all of us though was when my Dad showed up at dinner time from Arlington!!!  It was the best surprise of my life for sure!  He thought he just had to see his grandson on his second birthday so he hopped in the car around lunch time and headed the 6 hours to Amarillo.  He left the next day when Camden went down for a nap.  What a special Grumps Camden has!!  Camden played and played with my Dad and enjoyed every second of his short trip.

Mom was here the weekend before Camden's birthday and brought all kinds of goodies.  Camden got a new potty seat, underwear, potty treats from Leigh-Leigh, and potty books.  I was very nervous about the whole potty training issue.  I have heard so many horror stories.  We tried it as an expirament though just to see what he would do.  Before he would have a fit about even sitting on the potty so I wasn't really expecting much.  The skittles did the trick though and he is now officially potty trained!  Boy was I surprised and let me tell you it had nothing to do with my awesome parenting.  LOL!  Nope, this kid likes those potty treats and will go potty at church and sometimes at restaurants.  He was ready. Of course he is still in diapers when he sleeps. Still in the crib and uses the sussy to sleep but all of that will come.  I feel like we've mastered the biggest hurdle for now!!

Cliff is super busy at work already and the summer has not even hit yet.  He is getting to remodel the whole children's area! New paint, carpet, all new furniture, the works!  I can't wait to show pictures when it is done.  Needless to say he has been in and out of his office because of the construction and still trying to complete day to day activities and plan for summer stuff.  This weekend is a preteen retreat followed by a three day staff retreat in Glorieta. Camden and I already miss him!

We will be getting a reprieve soon though. Cliff and I get to go on a cruise! Woohoo! Cozumel and Progresso here we come.  I am so looking forward to five whole days with Cliff alone without cell phones and computers.  Camden is going to stay with my parents and get some good grandparent and cousin time.  I hope he is not too mad at us for leaving. I'm kind of nervous about dropping him off with limited communication but I know he'll survive, in fact he will probably have the most fun he has had in a long time!

That's about it for now.  Maybe I will try a photo post again soon.