Monday, September 19, 2011

Family Update

I am being such a bad blogger these days!! I broke ANOTHER camera so it has not been as easy to upload pictures. The camera still works but I have to keep the battery/sim card part taped shut with heavy duty tape. Such a hassle to put back together every time. Why am I so rough on cameras?!

Our fall calendar has filled up quickly already. It is full of fun stuff but I have to say, me and the calendar are not friends. I wish we were more free to do what we want when we want! That phrase sounds so winey and selfish but it's true. I WILL be going camping with my two guys at some point this fall! I am determined to use our camping stuff before it rots in the garage. Ha!

Last week we go to go to the land in Coleman and spend a few days with Cliff Sr., Debbie, and Nana and Grandpa. Let me tell you...Camden had such a fun time!! He got muddy and wet everyday. He was just too cute in his jeans and boots getting to play like a little raggamuffin until he just pooped out. He got to eat up at the big table with us without his high chair. Why is he getting so big so fast?! He got to play with JJ (the family dog), and a kitten named Whiskers. He wasn't sure about them at first but soon warmed up to both and would reach down to pet them and talk to them. He got to ride in the jeep and "drive" them himself. I can tell we are going to have lots of fun memories out at the land.

Tomorrow we leave again to go to Arlington. Cliff has a conference all week in Dallas so Camden and I are going to spend time with our family there. Looking forward to some time to play with cousins!

I am looking forward to pumpking patches, spiced tea, and cooler weather to come. Hoping the fall doesn't fly by too fast! I am trying to savor the days while my sweet boy is so small. I can already feel the time slipping through my fingers!