Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have been a horrible blogger this month! It has been a fun month around our house. We had family visit two weekends in a row, and we got to enjoy Easter with family and friends this year. I'll just tell the story through pictures. The pics go from most recent to earlier in the month.

We had alot of friends over for Easter! It was a blast! I thought we were going to have rain and therefore be squished in to our house but Easter Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day. I think everyone enjoyed playing outside and eating yummy food. Everyone pitched in and brought all of their holiday favorites! Aunt Jenny, I made your yummy pasta salad. :)

Poor Camden didn't really cooperate with his nap on Sunday so he was running on fews the whole evening but he totally enjoyed playing and watching all of the big kids!

This is the whole crew! Lots of kids = lots of fun. Kind of reminded me of old school family gatherings in the country on Easter with the Rampy's! I am so thankful for the friends that God has given us here. God is faithful to provide even when I thought I would never love Amarillo! :)

Cliff brought home a tripod from church and we were able to get some family pictures. I think we looked pretty good and I was so thankful to be able to get a family picture!

God is good to provide clothes for us! I am trying so hard to be more thrifty. Not that we are hurting for money, but I LOVE staying home and I don't want to have to go back to a job outside of the house for a while!! LOL! Hand me downs are great, even on Easter!

Cliff Sr. and Debbie were here all weekend. We had a blast but they had to leave early Sunday morning. We snapped some pictures before church.

Camden had fun with Honey and Dado!! And so did I! They even got to come to our church Easter egg hunt on Saturday morning. It was so cold and windy but we were still able to enjoy a few minutes outside.

We took Camden to swim at the West Texas A&M pool with the Bible drill kids. They have a shallow end for small kids and Camden loved it! He looked pretty cute in his swim stuff too. Can't wait for hot weather!!

My friend Megan and her son Jack came over to snap some Easter pictures with Pinkie. We really needed one more person but we made it work!! Camden had a snack in his high chair most of the time. Until we tried getting both boys in the picture. LOL! this is what we ended up with. Poor Pinkie was so patient!

Camden loves going to visit Pinkie in her cage. He crawls like this all over the yard because he doesn't like the feel of the grass on his knees. I told him he needs to just get up and walk!! Still working on that one.

Camden is growing so fast! He can now fit in his size 5 boots. We dressed him all up one night to go out and we had to get some pictures. Such a handsome little man!

Mom and Dad came to visit at the first of the month. They brought all of the toys we couldn't fit on the plane from Camden's birthday party. It was like birthday all over again! We enjoyed hanging out and getting a new oven that weekend! Ha! Poor mom and Dad put up with a day of getting that all taken care of.

Camden has found a new place to play in the laundry hamper. He is such a ham these days!

Monday, April 4, 2011

1 year already!

We celebrated Camden's first birthday last Saturday with family in Kennedale. The weather held up and we had a beautiful sunny day at the park! Camden loved his first cupcake! I can hardly believe that one year ago we were finally getting to meet our baby BOY! He will be walking soon and he is full of enegry, babbling all the time. He tries to repeat everything we say these days. He 'talks on the phone,' knows what the tv change does, and uses brushes to brush his hair. He is such a happy baby. He still takes two naps a day most days and sleeps from about 7-7 at night. He is not the skinny little baby that he used to be but a sweet, chubby little boy now. He has the sweetest little blonde curls and gives the best kisses! This has been one of the very best years of my entire life. I just love being his mom! Our weekend in Arlington was packed full with fun. We flew in Thursday and did grocery shopping for the party. Then Cliff and I got to go on a date to the Mavs gave while Mom and Dad put Camden to bed. Friday we finished up party planning and then got to have lunch with the Smedley's who were in Dallas at a conference. That afternoon Dom and Gus came and they stayed the night!!!! It was so awesome to get to spend more than just a couple of hours with them. Dom posted some pics here at All of Cliff's family arrived in town and came to the party to celebrate along with lots of my family too. We spent several hours at the park on Saturday and then let Camden nap that afternoon. We hung out with Cliff and Debbie Saturday evening and got to go to dinner with them. Then Sunday Lerin was baptized and sweet Denver was dedicated. It was such a wonderful Sunday morning! There were 7 babies dedicated that morning and I had grown up with many of the parents who still attend church at Tate Springs. I just LOVE going home. Nothing like being around people who know your past. :) Enjoy the pictures!

What a sweet baby! Cliff and I are so proud to be Camden's parents. I can't wait to see what the next year holds!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hard day

Today has been a hard day to be a mama. I am sure many moms feel this way many times throughout motherhood. I hate it! Camden has been sick this week. Just a virus that must run it's course. For the past four days he has run fever. He has not napped well today which makes for a very sleepy baby tonight. I had to leave him screaming in bed tonight because he didn't want to be comforted. Poor thing. The pic is from yesterday but you can tell he feels bad. Several times the only thong that gets him happy is getting in the moby and going for a walk. Maybe tomorrow will be better!

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