Tuesday, May 11, 2010

6 Week Shots

I meant to add this to the last post.

I took Camden to the doc yesterday. He weighed in at 8lbs 13oz and got 2 shots. We only saw the nurse today and will see the doctor at his two month appointment which will actually be when he is about 10 weeks old. He definitely screamed and was totally shocked by getting stuck but after a minute he was fine and happy again. Yesterday he was fussy most of the day, but I just enjoyed holding him and cuddling him! I thought everyone would want to know how big he was now so I had to share.

Thursday we leave for Corpus Christi by way of New Braunfels to celebrate Kimberly's graduation from college. We are so proud of her and look forward to being with family. Camden and I will be staying for a full week but Cliff will have to come back home Monday for work.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Mother

WHOA!...people kept saying Happy Mother's day yesterday and it was one of the most surreal mornings of my life. Such a strange new world and so awesome at the same time. Camden was precious all day. He went to the nursery for the first time at church and slept through the whole thing. He will be well loved at FBC. The ladies were so excited to have him! I felt very comfortable leaving him with them and he obviously didn't care at all. Cliff was so sweet to me all day! He fixed us waffles for lunch and then worked the rest of the day in the yard! We went to home depot and lowe's and I got a retro glider for Mother's Day. It looks so adorable in our new flower bed. We had an area of the yard where no grass was growing so we tilled it up and are going to plant flowers and things that do well in the shade. We also got the small garden planted. I am curious to see if it will produce. I have tomatos, jalapeno peppers, squash. Last year only the tomatos produced so we'll see what happens. Camden was a trooper all day enjoying being in his bouncy seat in the shade. He was so cute!

I really missed being with my own Mama on Mother's Day. I hate that we miss out on so many family cook outs back home, but I am so very blessed and thankful for the family God has given me here in Amarillo. I definitely cherish time with the rest of our family since we get so little!