Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Photos of Thanksgiving and Christmas-FINALLY!

Hey everyone! I saw Cliff's post and had to add some photos. These are from Thanksgiving to the present. Enjoy!

We had a blast with the family in Jacksonville this year. It was so nice to see everyone and get to be together. We finally got two family photos. Ya'll get ready for next year for another family photo session. :)

Us in front of Nana's Christmas tree. Aren't we cute! Cliff is cocking his head for some reason...he has issues taking serious pictures.

We miss Kimberly!!!

Mom and Aunt Lynne with their matchy glasses. They are two fot he most beautiful women that I know!

This is one of many pictures that Cliff took of Calvin. Cliff was standing up with the camera and couldn't see him, but was flashing the camera every couple of seconds. Calvin kept moving all over and I got some great pictures!
Clinton and Cybil were playing house in the middle of Mom's house. I really enjoyed playing with the little ones. And seeing all of the Rampys in one place was awesome!
The Rampy's are experts at posing for pictures! This group got together in like five seconds. I miss you guys!
A little out of order, but this is our other family photo. Pretty special. :)

This is our pic from Thanksgiving. Some heads are hidden and Mom's eyes are closed, but it's a great one in my opinion. And there will be a new addition to the family this Summer. Trish and Aaron will be having their first baby. I can't wait until Feb. 6th when they find out what it is!

This is Lerin in front of Mom and Dad's Christmas tree. She's gotten so tall hasn't she. Man I miss that girl!!!
Leigh and her girls. Prescious girls. Lerin looks sleepy in this one! She is a creature of habit and enjoys her naps. :)

Mom took this one of us over Christmas. Cliff was hunting and I was enjoying the family.

How stinking cute is this pic! Isn't Robbyn adorable!

I am to thankful that both sides of our families have family vacations planned here in the next two months. I am missing ya'll terribly! Can't wait for the ski trip and the cruise. We're spoiled aren't we!

Monday, January 28, 2008

We are back!!

Ok, so we never really went anywhere we just have not posted in awhile. All that really means is that the three people that actually knew of this site have forgotten about it. So for the most part I am talking to myself. I am ok with that though, I think.

Things are going very well for Jessica and I, we are just constantly staying busy. Ministry is going well there are just constantly new things to still learn here and new questions to ask. We are already working hard on VBS which is completely foreign to me. It is pretty much the biggest thing that happens here all year around so it takes a lot of planning. I had a great time last night, we had a youth vs. staff basketball game. It was a blast and we won, so that makes it that much more sweeter. While practicing last week to get ready the pastor went down with a high ankle sprain and torn ligaments. Needless to say we were one player down.

Jessica is staying busy with classes and subbing for the Mothers Day Out program. She is also starting as a GA (Graduate assistant, or something like that) at WT where she is taking classes. She is in charge of grading an online class.

Since I am taking online classes and she is taking an online class and grading one we decided to step into this century and get Internet. I have to say I am still amazed about how the Internet works. Jessica called around to see the best and cheapest Internet around. She talked to several places most of them wanted to charge us hundreds of dollars for Internet and then we would have to get a phone line. Needless to say it all sounded crazy to me, for that much we were just going to keep visiting the coffee shop everyday. Then she called one final company for them it was a $50 set up fee and all she had to do was call and go down and get this little box. It is truly amazing you just plug it in and it read off of some tower somewhere and we have Internet. I know to many of you no big deal but this was really amazing to me. To top it all off on Saturday we went and bought a wireless router with a Christmas gift card. All of that to say that we went form way behind the times and living at the coffee shop, to having our very own wireless Internet. No more waling around the apartment with the computer held up in the air trying to steal someones wireless that are not smart enough to lock it.

Well I hope everyone has a great day. And I promise I will not forget you. I know you will want to tell all of your friends about all of the great things that are going on in our exciting lives. If you want pictures posted you will have to write a sweet comment to Jessica, that is her job.

Have a good one!