Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Is this week over yet?

Well today is Wednesday and I am typing this at 3:55pm. Now I'm just wasting time, answering a few phone calls here and there until the day ends at 5! Can't wait for that clock to say 5pm. So this week has already been stretching out for me and it is only Wednesday. I guess that is a good least it's not Monday again. I have a couple more weeks left of class, but most of the work will be done by Friday. I have two more days to finish a 10-12 page paper. I've got two written and I've read all of the journal articles that I need to write it. Just got to get it all typed up. Ugh! I'm looking forward to this weekend. Cliff and I get to go with the Bible Drillers to Lubbock for their State drill. We'll go tomorrow evening and come back Saturday afternoon. The kids are drilling on Friday night so we'll have all of Saturday just to hang out and get to know the kids. I look forward to relaxed time with them to really get to know who they are. I pray that God uses it for his purposes. I pray that Cliff and I can really show the kids God's love and the amazing things that he can do with a life fully devoted to him.

I am hoping to go shopping Saturday too. I need some new clothes! Maybe we'll get back Saturday in enough time to go to the mall. I had wanted to go one night this week, but that's out of the question at this point.

Cliff has been busy this week. He had VBS training Monday night. I think it went ok, not many people showed up but all of the planned stuff went well. I didn't get to go because I had class. Cliff has been running pretty crazy these days. He is pretty tired, maybe he'll be able to get some rest after we get back from Lubbock. Summer is coming VERY quickly with all of it's activities. I often wonder what the Lord thinks about all of our stuff. The stuff crowds in all too often. But then again...I get bored so quickly! Something is wrong with this picture.

Cliff and I discovered last Saturday that Amarillo is hurting for a good skating rink. We went skating with the 4th graders for their sunday school party. First of all, the kids didn't really know how to skate!! We were pretty shocked by that, but then we got our skates on and stepped out onto the floor. The floor was particle board...painted white!!! It was rediculous you couldn't even go very fast for all of the bumps and crevices. Apparantly, that's about it for skating rinks here. Bummer...we need a Big Wheel or Skatium to come to our town.

And...I'm trying to forgive this week. Never before has anyone made me cry in a public situation by being ugly to me, but Monday it happened. This lady came in quite silently I must add while I reading my text book. I was in the zone you see...the phone hadn't rung in quite a while and no one had been coming through the office. The next thing I know I hear, "WELL THAT'S RUDE!" And the lady stormed out of the office. None of my attempts to get her to come back in worked and I just busted into tears. Crying made me even madder! Ugh...I really don't want to come into contact with that lady every again.

Well, I've wasted a little time at work. I think ya'll are updated. Cliff and I are starting to house hunt. Please pray that God would lead us to the right place. Also, please pray for Cliff to get rest. And I am really aching for a friend right now. I'm fighting the lonliness. God will provide.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Cary's came to visit!

I know, I know...we haven't posted in forever. I (Jess) have started working full time for our church as the receptionist. It has worked out great so far...though summer is coming and I'm trying not to be bitter about missing out on hanging with the kids every week. God is allowing me to go to camp and Kenya of all places! Cliff and I get to go on a mission trip together, we are so excited. That'll be in August.

This weekend was so great. We got to hang out with family! Cliff and Debbie came Friday and we really enjoyed spending time together. We did everything Amarillo...Panhandle Plains Museum in Cayon, we went to Palo Duro Canyon, we also went to see Cadillac Ranch and finished the day off at the Big Texan. We ate some good steak and watched this guy fail at eating the 72 oz steak.

I will post pictures of the cruise shortly. I was waiting to get mine and Kimberly's together in one file since Kimberly took most of the pictures on the trip. It was a blast though. So nice to spend an entire week with family. We'll have to make that a tradition, K??

I'm finishing up this semester of school and Cliff is starting a new one up. We will both be done in about 1.5-2 years. Man we can't wait to be done with reading, papers and tests!! We are blessed with the opportunity of an education though.

What else has happened lately...Cliff is feverishly working on VBS. Next Monday is VBS training for local churches here at FBC. He is also still meeting once a month for the 456 camp that is coming up in June. Last night he worked late trying to nail down dates for special events during the summer.

The next big thing is coming up in May. It is the Mother/Son fun day. We're having a big scavengar hunt around town and then meeting back at the FLC for lunch. It'll be a good day and one of Cliff's ideas for the kids! The Father/Daughter dinner was a success so hopefully this one will be as much fun as well.

We are both anticipating the coming of our new neice Dakota. She'll be here at the end of June. Pray that we have the ability to get to Arlington ASAP when Dakota starts her decent into this wolrd. :) Have fun with that Trish!!

I got to go to Stephanie's wedding a couple of weeks ago. Steph was my college roomate and good friend. She married Nick Sapien and the wedding was beautiful. It was fun making the trip to Arlington, seeing the neices and then making the drive to Brownwood with Bran and my parents.

We miss everyone so much...plan on coming to visit soon!