Friday, October 19, 2007

Anniversary weekend in Ruidoso

We had a great time in Ruidoso for our anniversary. Mimi and Bipaw took great care of us and spoiled us a ton! The weather was beautiful and the trees were just starting to change colors. Mimi and Bipaw took us up to the top of the mountain for a picnic Friday night. We watched the sun set at the very top on a ledge of boulders.

While we were picnicking (sp?) this crazy chipmunk raced between us almost running over Cliff's foot. He raced up this tree and perched there so still. He must have smelled the food or something.

I am so proud to be married to Cliff!! He takes very very good care of me and I try my best to take care of him. I cannot believe the things that we have accomplished over this past year. I sure pray that this year is a little bit slower than the last, although, I don't think that is our way. :) We are very blessed to be here in Amarillo. God is good and we are thankful everyday for his provision and grace!
I miss you everyone! Come visit soon. :)

Mom, Dad and Lerin visit Amarillo

These are pics of the inside of the Family Life Center at the church. Lerin had a BLAST! It's really nice to have this for the children's ministry.

After much begging by me to Cliff we stopped at the Pumpkin Patch!! It was so fun! We took some pictures and bought pumpkins. I have two pumpkins sitting outside of our front door. We hope no one grabs them and smashes them. :)

It was so fun to share our life here with family. Robbie had to be in the hopsital the week before having his appendix taken out. There were complications so he had to stay in the hopsital for an extended period of time. Lerin came with Mom and Dad since Leigh was having to stay up at the hospital. As I type this today Bubba is back in the hospital. He should get to go home tomorrow. We are praying for his recovery.

Neices in Action

Robbyn is so adorable! She is coming out of her infant cacoon. She doesn't have much control of her little arms and legs so they move like crazy. She only likes to be unwrapped for a little while then wants to be cuddled again. This video was taken at my parents house a couple of weekend ago. We all had a slumber party together with Leigh and the girls.

Lerin didn't know that I was videoing at first because I used my camera. She was saying hi to Uncle Cliff. Hasn't she grown!! Her birthday is this weekend. She'll be two on October 28.

Monday, October 15, 2007

GREAT Weekend!!

Jessica and I had a wonderful weekend in Ruidoso. We had a great time being able to relax and enjoy the mountains. I truly love it up there. I also love my amazing wife to whom I have now been married for 1 year. It has truly been a blessing.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Below I am posting pictures of our two first grade Sunday school classes. These pictures are from the day that they received their Bibles. It was a great time for me to have fun with the kids and get to know their parents.

Have a good one!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Work Never Ends

Jessica and I had a great weekend with her mom and dad as well as our niece Lerin. I have a feeling she will post pictures before too long. It was a great time to spend with family, and be able to show them around our new home.

Things are going well this week so far. There is just so much going on. I am trying to followup from my big camp meeting last week, and plan an upcoming event as well as do day to day work. I have a dinner tonight at Olive Garden with the directors of Childrens Choir. Olive Garden sounds good, but 2 hours of sitting with eight women talking about musical stuff does not. Oh the things we do in ministry.

We are looking forward to getting out of town at the end of the week! Greatest find today in our new town: ESPN Radio, complete greatness!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wed. Morning Already??

Well it is Wednesday morning, it is amazing how the week flies by sometimes. Being Wednesday at 8:20 a.m. there are some things that I can already state for the day. #1 even though it is 8:20 I have already been at the church for a little over 2 hours. Sounds crazy? Well it is, I have been attending a men's Bible/topic study. I have enjoyed the time getting to meet with the men there but boy 5:30 sure does come early on Wednesdays. #2 thing I know for sure about today, is that I will be here at least another 12 hours. OHH HOW I LOVE WEDNESDAYS!!

Things are still going well for Jess and I. We both had a great weekend getting to see family. Jessica went to see her family in Dallas. She was able to spend a lot of time with our adorable nieces. I think they had a good time together, but I know in the back of there minds they really missed their uncle Cliff. I was able to go meet my mom and dad at our land outside of Santa Anna. We are working on building a house out there. Although I had a great time, I wish I could have stayed a little longer. The major conclusion that Jessica and I both came to this weekend is that driving 5 1/2 hours can get a little old. I thinkI must have listened to 15 different talk shows on the way out of town.

This week has also been a little busier than others because I have started taking classes again from B.H. Carroll Theological Institute (wow that sounds like a smart school). I am taking an introductory course, which I think I am going to really enjoy. I am also taking Philosophy of Religion. Boy do I need prayer for that one, I sat down to answer some questions last night and I had to read them at least 4 times before I knew what they were saying. It should be fun.

To top it off I had to prepare to help teach a class last night at the Wayland University branch here in Amarillo. The people in the class were all older than me and probably further along in there masters degree. I enjoyed in though, and hope they gained something about children's ministry from it. I have my first big children;s camp meeting tomorrow. Hopefully I will be wise in choosing the important things that need to be changed out of the list of about 500 I have.

I pray that you have a blessed day!