Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cary Ranch

Cliff and I got to go out to the land this past weekend. We were able to leave Wednesday night after church and my family met us out there late Thursday night. We all left Saturday around lunchtime. It was a great weekend. We are so thankful to Cliff and Debbie for letting us all meet out there. It was a blast!!

Dakota enjoyed this basket more than her presents!

Trish brought her camera and we got a family picture. I shot this one of them in between other family shots. It was so fun taking them out at the land.

Lerin pretended to deliver mail in the mail jeep. We didn't even tell her that that is what it was, she just figured it out. She had a blast all weekend pretending and 'sploring.'

I absolutely love this picture! She couldn't keep the sunglasses on but she kept saying that she needed her sunglasses because it was too bright!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Things around here have been pretty busy lately. Last week Cliff went out to the land from Thursday through Saturday. He got to hunt and hang out with his dad some. I think he really enjoyed the time alone out there. I get to go back with him this weekend! We get to leave Wednesday night and stay through Saturday. It is going to be awesome!

I had to work and get Christmas shopping done while he was gone. With the move, Christmas shopping was put on the backburner this last month. Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday were spent shopping between everything else. I had a ladies luncheon from 11-12:30 Saturday at church, then I went to the Nutcracker at 3 that same day. I shopped between events. Cliff surprised me and was home by 6:30 so we got to go to dinner together and then he helped me get a little more shopping done. We have fun together.

I was pretty down Saturday morning. I was going to these events and I really thought it was unfair that I didn't have anyone to go with me. I was mad that I had to live up here isolated from my friends and family. I was mad that I do not have the privelege of worshipping in a church with my family like I did all growing up. I want to attend these ladies things with my sisters and my mom-or any family really.

I was praying for a good attitude and really just telling God all about it. In His great love he reminded me that He is with me. He reminded me why I am here and who I am serving. I still would have liked to have someone with me shopping and going to the Nutcracker, but I enjoyed the day with Him. I enjoyed the beauty of the colors and dancers. He let me get alot of shopping done. I am so thankful for those years at Tate Springs. I miss those years, but at the same time I am thankful for this journey that the Lord has me on. He is good and He is merciful and patient with my frustrated moods.

I am really looking forward to Thursday. I am looking forward to being in Brownwood for a few hours! :)

If you've made it to the end of this post, please pray for Cliff. He is beat down by his school stuff that he is still trying to finish up!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Improvements on the House this weekend

Below are some pics of the house. We were able to paint the office yesterday morning amidst the business of our weekend. Cliff is still finishing up school stuff. We had a birthday get together at 1 yesterday and then a 6th grade progressive dinner to attend last night. It was all fun, but we are worn out. I am about to attempt to go to a musical at Amarillo Little Theater that a couple of our little girls are in. And then tonight and tomorrow night we have the church Christmas musical. Busy Busy.

Below is our new Norfolk pine given to us by the Chaddicks, some friends from church. It is much larger than we though, but fits nicely in our dining room. I googled how to take care of it so that I don't kill it! It reminds me of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. :)

Below is our Christmas tree. It's pretty cute! We like it. :)

I hope you can see the pics below. The deer is prepared to hang above the gun cabinet. We are soooo glad to get a room completed. We need another weekend to finish it up. The color is a natural color, but looks nice in there.

Thanksgiving pics

Here are some Thanksgiving pics. I didn't even get one of Lerin! I actually did take one but it's blurry and not blog worthy. All of these are of my adorable cousins. I love getting to watch everyone talk and visit at Thanksgiving. We sure missed everyone who couldn't make it this year.

My favorite part of the whole weekend were our two trips down to the river. I carried Lerin on my back in a carrier thanks to Chuck and Ginger. She had so much fun throwing rocks in the river with her cousins. :) Good memories. I left my camera on both trips. I guess I was just enjoying being with my family.

Cybil and Calvin playing

Aunt Laura and Robbyn being silly.

Robbyn playing and eating an apple. Isn't she adorable!!??

Charis taking a pic of me with the toy camera. :)

This is my cousin's son Carsen. He will be having a baby sister any time!
Can't wait to meet baby D.

A quick afternoon with Dakota

Sunday after the wedding Mom, Dad and I spent the afternoon with Trish and Dakota. We brought over the best pizza ever...Mama's Pizza and were lazy. I got to hang out with my prescious neice Dakota. She is adorable and doing sooo many new things. She is sitting up all by herself and so intently plays with her toys. We got to get to know eachother a little and snuggle alot. :) Here are some cute pictures of her.

I cannot wait to see them in a couple of weeks!!!!!!!!!!

Pics of Chase's wedding

I am starting to post pictures this afternoon. It seems that I was not in much of a picture taking mood the week of Thanksgiving. I got really random shots. The weekend before Thanksgiving my cousin Chase got married to Melissa in League City. I got to go and had a blast seeing my family pre-Thanksgiving. I didn't get any shots of Chase and Melissa so sorry guys...It was a beautiful wedding though!

This is a pic of Tristan and I in the car on the way to the wedding. Tristan and Aunt Laura got to come from California for the wedding and the whole week after. It was soooo good to have them around. We had a blast on the drive together.

I found all of the Dad's along the wall at the reception. I think Uncle Sean was just taking it all in after the whirlwind of the wedding. :)

Mom, Dad and I stayed with our cousins Greg and Kathy. I took a pic of their family. Trent and Lauren are their kids. Lauren just got married this year to Mike. They all live close together in League City. I couldn't believe that in all of these years I had never been to see where they live. It was fun being with them.

And here are the munchkins!! Cybil was in the wedding and Lerin almost joined her during both precessionals! Dad had a hand on her thankfully, but she was pretty pumped to get to hang with Cybil for an evening. They are buds. It was so fun seeing them together! They are only a few months apart. Both 3 years old.

Here is a pic of Leigh and Robbyn. Robbyn looked sooooo cute in her little hat. :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sorry no pics yet

Sorry no pics yet. I got side tracked decorating for Christmas and picking up...o and figuring out Direct TV. Fun times.

Anyway, the pics will be up at some point this week.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

School and DISH Stuff

Woohoo!! I'm done with school until January. Yesterday was the most stressful day I've had in a long time. I had a group presentation to do last night and found out at 7:30 in the morning that the girl preparing the presentation skipped out on us. She sent like a title slide of our slide show and that's it!!!! The other three of us were not happy to say the least since we all work. Of course, I did the presentation because I have a low maintenance job, we did the presentation and it went ok. The most frustrating part about the whole thing is that the chick who did nothing is getting the same grade as the rest of us...awesome. But it's over now and I am soooo glad to be done with it.

I am even done with my online class. I just have to grade a couple of units for the class that I grade for. I can do that this week while I sit at work. It feels good to have this semester behind me. Only one more year left and I'll be done with school forever.

Cliff's school is a different story. Poor guy, he is still trying to finish up all of the work for his three classes this semester. We are praying that he'll be done this weekend. Please pray that he'll be very efficient!

Now for the DISH story that I just heard from Cliff. Today we are having DISH installed at the house. The guy who came out was too scared to get in the attic and was about to call someone else in to do it for him. Well, he and Cliff made a deal. Cliff wouldn't have to pay the 150something bucks for installation but...Cliff would have to run all of the wire! Ha!! Makes me laugh so hard. Cliff may have himself a second job if he doesn't be careful. They are still there working, but by this afternoon we'll have 200 plus channels at our fingertips. I am still perplexed as to how the guy coming to do all of the work was too scared to get in to the attic. Why is he working for them??

This week should end up being a normal week. I am soooo excited about being home all weekend. We have a 6th grade Christmas party Saturday night which should be fun.

I'll post Thanksgiving pics tonight. I didn't take too many, I was too busy talking to everyone. But I'll get the few up that I took.