Friday, March 27, 2009

Update on Blizzard 09

Happy Birthday Sister!

Last weekend Cliff and I traveled to Arlington for my sister, Leigh's, surprise birthday party. It was such a great time with family. We arrived late Thursday night in time to welcome Mimi and Bipaw who arrived about an hour after us from New Mexico. Aunt Jenny and her kids were also there Friday.

Friday we got to hang out with family and spend some time with Lerin and Robbyn who are just adorable! Then Friday night we went to the party. Leigh was with us all day and would not leave Mom and Dad's house. The plan was for her to leave, go get ready to go out alone with Bubba. So she wasn't really in that huge of a hurry since it was only like 4:30. When she left around five we rushed to get everything ready and get to the barn where the party was held.

Leigh arrived and was soooo very surprised to see everyone there. It was so neat to celebrate her birthday with friends and family. I love my sister!

Then Saturday I got to see more family at my cousin Brittnie's baby shower. She looks so beautiful! I wish I could be in town to see the baby when she is born. She is naming her baby Peyton Ann. So cute!
I didn't take too many pictures over the weekend which now I'm disappointed about, but I was just enjoying the short time I had in Arlington being with family instead of taking pictures of them!

Here are a few:
Lerin and Robbyn getting ready for their Momma's party. Lerin was excited when she learned why things were so crazy around the house after Leigh left. The frezny was almost too much for her to take.

Leigh and Bubba right as they arrived. Leigh teared up from all of the friends and family there.

Two of my beautiful cousins, Meagan and Caitlin.

The Aquino's had this awesome swing rigged up around a horse walking contraption. This is three year old Cybil, the youngest Rampy.

Calvin swinging away. He's such a happy kid! And getting so tall!

Our attempt at a cute picture. Ha!

Lerin and Cybil love playing together.

Isn't this adorable?? Robbyn is double fisting her burrito.

We really enjoyed being with our girls.

Leigh opening up her gifts with lots of 'help.'

There were no restrooms at the barn so Mom in all of her motherly wisdom brought the potty chair for the little girls. I crack up just seeing this picture. These girls had to go to the bathroom at least 10 times throughout the night. They were chugging capri sun like nobody's business. Cybil couldn't pose for a picture because she was telling Mom this very serious story about Princess Blabla. We found out later that this is her pretend character.


Today we are experiencing blizzard conditions here in Amarillo. Yesterday it was 70 degrees and beautiful and today it is white and blustery outside. I don't have to be at work because of the road conditions so Cliff and I get to hang out all day. Cliff Sr. and Debbie are on their way to visit as we speak. I am praying that they get here safely! I think from about Lubbock it is pretty bad.

Tonight I think we'll be staying home, making taco soup and spending time together. I am thinking that by tomorrow the weather will change and it will start warming up so we should be able to get out of the house. Crazy panhandle weather!!! Below are some pictures from the front door this morning at about 8AM.

I am sooo ready for spring. It has been beautiful here for the past several weeks. Trees were budding and flowering, tulips and dafodils have bloomed and it was like spring. But winter strikes again, hopefully for the last time until next year.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A post...

Cliff and I are sitting in our living room right now, each with a lap top, watching the end of the Apprentice. He's supposed to be working on school work and I'm just wasting some time before I go to bed. This is a typical night for us. Check it out...
Today was an exciting day around our church. Bradley and Emily, our youth minister and his wife, had a baby this morning. We haven't met baby Tate yet, but look forward to seeing him soon. I'm sure big brother Parker is so excited about his new brother. :) Also, tonight the church voted in a new Rec minister and our previous Rec minister is now the new Senior Adult minister. The Booths will be moving here soon. James and Peggy and their two sons have alot of changes ahead of them. We are looking forward to building a relationship with them. Corky has been on staff at FBC for 8 years and will just be changing positions. It should be a great time of change around here.

I tried to get Cliff to go camping with me Friday night at Palo Duro, but it didn't happen. We ended up having a busy weekend so we couldn't escape for the night. Maybe another weekend soon. I'm not sure Cliff is on board with the whole camping thing, but I really really want to go. I hope he'll enjoy it.

It's already time for another week. Ugh! Is it 2010 yet?