Thursday, October 27, 2011

October 2011

October has flown by very very fast. We got to see family, visit pumpkin patches, and have lots of fun this month. Camden is growing so much. He is talking all the time...getting new words every week. He had a hair cut at the first of this month. I can't wait for it to grow back! I just love his crazy long hair. :)

The first week of October we stopped by the pumpkin patch. The pumpkin patches are my most favorite part of Amarillo. I had to get a couple of pumpkins for the front porch. We've since made several more trips to the pumpkin patch this month.

What a cute little hiney!! Ha! We had a fun time before bath playing in the nude outside.

Our sweet friends came to town and visit and invited us to play one morning. We were so thankful to see Elizabeth and Reese Mason. We sure miss them!!

Mom made Camden this sweater. I tried to get a picture of him before church on Sunday morning. He was very busy and hard to get a shot of. This is the best one and it is still a little blurry. Thanks for the adorable sweater NeNe!!

Cliff and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary this month too. Hannah kept Camden for us one day and Cliff and I got to hang out for several hours. We went to the driving range, painted the cars at Cadillac Ranch and ate at Saltgrass. It was nice spending a day as friends and reconnecting a little. I sure do love my husband!

One Sunday I was in my room getting ready and it got really quiet in the house. I came in the kitchen to find Camden getting ready as well. Ha! I had done my makeup while he had breakfast and didn't put it away yet. He is such a little copy cat these days.

All of these munchkins came to visit last week for four days. We got to go to the pumpkin patch, the discovery center, and to the zoo. Such a fun week. Thanks Leigh for taking time to come to Amarillo!

We made chocolate chip cookies. I had lots of help!

The crew at the pumpkin patch. We picked out pumpkins to go back home and paint on. Boy was that fun...and messy! I didn't get any pictures because both Leigh and I were busy keeping the paint on the pumpkins.

Camden wants to play with the iPhone so badly! He can't, so the next best thing is to watch Lerin really closely!

Today, Oct. 27th, we have had snow all day. It is 1:55 right now and it just now stopped snowing. The snow started in the middle of the night! We went out early because I thought once the sun came out it would all be gone. Camden liked the snow but it was cold, we didn't stay out very long.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Family Update

I am being such a bad blogger these days!! I broke ANOTHER camera so it has not been as easy to upload pictures. The camera still works but I have to keep the battery/sim card part taped shut with heavy duty tape. Such a hassle to put back together every time. Why am I so rough on cameras?!

Our fall calendar has filled up quickly already. It is full of fun stuff but I have to say, me and the calendar are not friends. I wish we were more free to do what we want when we want! That phrase sounds so winey and selfish but it's true. I WILL be going camping with my two guys at some point this fall! I am determined to use our camping stuff before it rots in the garage. Ha!

Last week we go to go to the land in Coleman and spend a few days with Cliff Sr., Debbie, and Nana and Grandpa. Let me tell you...Camden had such a fun time!! He got muddy and wet everyday. He was just too cute in his jeans and boots getting to play like a little raggamuffin until he just pooped out. He got to eat up at the big table with us without his high chair. Why is he getting so big so fast?! He got to play with JJ (the family dog), and a kitten named Whiskers. He wasn't sure about them at first but soon warmed up to both and would reach down to pet them and talk to them. He got to ride in the jeep and "drive" them himself. I can tell we are going to have lots of fun memories out at the land.

Tomorrow we leave again to go to Arlington. Cliff has a conference all week in Dallas so Camden and I are going to spend time with our family there. Looking forward to some time to play with cousins!

I am looking forward to pumpking patches, spiced tea, and cooler weather to come. Hoping the fall doesn't fly by too fast! I am trying to savor the days while my sweet boy is so small. I can already feel the time slipping through my fingers!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A visit with Honey and a trip to Kenya

These two had a ball together for a few days at the end of July! Honey came early to Amarillo before leaving on the 29th for a Kenya mission trip with Cliff. Camden got his fill of electronics with the iphone and ipad games and got lots of time to love on Honey! Below are a few pictures we snapped after playing in the tunnels at church.

Cliff and Debbie say they had a wonderful trip to Kenya. There were lots of new kids at the orphnage and lots of seeds were sewn. This was Cliff's 4th time to go to the Baptist Children's Center in Kenya. They are praying about another trip for next year!

Camden helps wash window

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fun gone wrong

I was cleaning the bathroom today while Camden went through all of the drawers. The bathroom ended up sanitized but messy afterward! Anyway Camden found some bathtub paint in one if the drawers and asked me to open it for him. I decided to oblige him by setting him in his high chair and letting him go after it while I fixed lunch. Boy did he have fun for awhile!!! Red soap paint was everywhere but he hadn't yet decided to put it in his hair or face yet. Well it wasn't too long before that happened. He laughed and played and then started feeling some stinging in his eyes which caused him to rub them more and more and more.... And then the crying began! At first I though maybe it doesn't hurt his eyes but after about a minute I knew I had made a mistake by letting him play with it. I rushed him to the bathtub and poured water over his face while he just wailed! We were both exhausted and traumatized after it was over. Camden just closed his eyes and fell asleep in my arms for about 30 minutes, poor baby!!

Note to self: don't let your 15 month old play with soap paint!!!!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Aunt KK

Kimberly came to visit this past weekend for 6 days. It was so good to have her here. We managed to have fun even though Cliff was very busy with work most of the time. We joined him for his kids mission event friday night for dinner and helped out all Saturday morning carting kids around. The weekend consisted of lots of playing with Camden, the zoo, the park, and the pool. Thanks Aunt KK for coming to visit. We love you!

Father's Day

We celebrated Father's Day between crazy busy weeks. My boys both looked super handsome that Sunday! I had big plans to get a picture taken on that day. They turned out a little blurry but cute. Love my family and I am so very thankful for Cliff. He is a wonderful daddy to Camden!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I have been refraining from posting on here because I haven't gotten any of the pictures off of my camera. And let's be posts just aren't as fun without pictures, right?! Camden is napping right now so I thought I'd at least catch everyone up.

The Cary's are in busy summer mode right now. We haven't gotten to see near enough of Cliff over the last several weeks, but we are making it. :) Camden and I are finding fun summer things to do together like go to the public pool, make homemade snow cones, and play in the yard. Last week was VBS at our church. I am pretty sure Cliff pulled 15-16 hour days every day last week. It was rediculous! But...God was glorified! We had over 1000 people on the church campus from 9-noon everyday last week. Lots of kids heard the Gospel and were loved on by some great people. I helped with 1st and 2nd grade missions each day. We had 6, 20 minute roations come through our class. Each class had between 25-30 kids! The days actually flew by so fast.

Camden had fun at VBS too. He actually did crafts and music and stuff just like the big kids. At the end of the week we got an adorable booklet of pictures and crafts that he did! This is his second VBS already! He'll be a pro in no time. :)

Camden is loving the swimming pool already! He wants to jump out of my arms and go for it! The $4 floaty was pretty much a waste of money because this kid can't stand just chillin,' he wants to be "swimming."

Camden is an official walker now. It is becoming the favored mode of transportation very quickly. He is also learning to climb. I found him on the fireplace yesterday! He needs to grow a little taller to get on the couch though. Not quite strong enough for that. Our baby is becoming a little boy with a strong will and a mind of his own. I'm in trouble!!

I am definitely missing family alot lately! At least once a day I wish I could swing by mom and dad's or one of my siblings houses and just say hi for a few minutes. I am making the most of the summer though and repeatedly asking God to fill me up. He truly is my source of strength and joy. Aunt KK is coming to town tomorrow. I am so excited to have her here for several days!! I keep dreaming up what fun things we'll do...but I have a 1 year old so I am sure we'll get some of those fun things checked off but probably not all. :)

Pictures soon I hope!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Big smiles

This kid makes me smile!

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Monday, May 16, 2011


This is how Camden eats these days! He must have a fork in one hand while mostly using the other.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Momma, Zoo, and Haircut

Below are a few pics of Mother's Day. Poor Cliff was home sick Sunday morning so Camden and I went to church together as normal and then came home for a quick lunch then a good long nap. I set up Camden's new swimming pool and the two of us enjoyed some time in the 90 degree weather! He liked the water but we really needed some of our big cousins to come help us learn about how to play in a pool!! He would only stay in the water if I put my feet in like this. Goofy kid!

I asked him for a mother's day kiss and he just laughed!!

Best picture of the day! He only left his hat on for the length of time it took to take this picture.

Last Monday my friend Hannah and I took our babies to the Amarillo zoo for the first time. Surprisingly, the Amarillo zoo wasn't bad! We went on free Monday and got to see the lions, tigers, bears, lemurs, and monkeys! It was kind of hot but I think the kids enjoyed the little stroll through the park.

Camden posing with Harper at the end of the outing. Harper is almsot 9 months old and one cute little girl!

These gorgeous curls are gone. :( Cliff and I decided to go ahead and get his hair cut today. The front and sides were getting very unruly! Camden would get food in the front every morning and it just would not cooperate most days. The back was just too beautiful though. I may be having second thoughts now that they are already gone!

He was a champ for Jacinda! He sat so big in the chair and loved watching the activity in the salon.

Don't worry, we have a whole baggy of sweet curls. He looks like such a big kid now!!

Megan and Trey came over tonight so Camden and Jack got to play. Jack is 2 months younger than Camden and is walking all around. He was teaching Camden a thing or two tonight. And Camden is sporting his new cut, looking pretty adorable.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have been a horrible blogger this month! It has been a fun month around our house. We had family visit two weekends in a row, and we got to enjoy Easter with family and friends this year. I'll just tell the story through pictures. The pics go from most recent to earlier in the month.

We had alot of friends over for Easter! It was a blast! I thought we were going to have rain and therefore be squished in to our house but Easter Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day. I think everyone enjoyed playing outside and eating yummy food. Everyone pitched in and brought all of their holiday favorites! Aunt Jenny, I made your yummy pasta salad. :)

Poor Camden didn't really cooperate with his nap on Sunday so he was running on fews the whole evening but he totally enjoyed playing and watching all of the big kids!

This is the whole crew! Lots of kids = lots of fun. Kind of reminded me of old school family gatherings in the country on Easter with the Rampy's! I am so thankful for the friends that God has given us here. God is faithful to provide even when I thought I would never love Amarillo! :)

Cliff brought home a tripod from church and we were able to get some family pictures. I think we looked pretty good and I was so thankful to be able to get a family picture!

God is good to provide clothes for us! I am trying so hard to be more thrifty. Not that we are hurting for money, but I LOVE staying home and I don't want to have to go back to a job outside of the house for a while!! LOL! Hand me downs are great, even on Easter!

Cliff Sr. and Debbie were here all weekend. We had a blast but they had to leave early Sunday morning. We snapped some pictures before church.

Camden had fun with Honey and Dado!! And so did I! They even got to come to our church Easter egg hunt on Saturday morning. It was so cold and windy but we were still able to enjoy a few minutes outside.

We took Camden to swim at the West Texas A&M pool with the Bible drill kids. They have a shallow end for small kids and Camden loved it! He looked pretty cute in his swim stuff too. Can't wait for hot weather!!

My friend Megan and her son Jack came over to snap some Easter pictures with Pinkie. We really needed one more person but we made it work!! Camden had a snack in his high chair most of the time. Until we tried getting both boys in the picture. LOL! this is what we ended up with. Poor Pinkie was so patient!

Camden loves going to visit Pinkie in her cage. He crawls like this all over the yard because he doesn't like the feel of the grass on his knees. I told him he needs to just get up and walk!! Still working on that one.

Camden is growing so fast! He can now fit in his size 5 boots. We dressed him all up one night to go out and we had to get some pictures. Such a handsome little man!

Mom and Dad came to visit at the first of the month. They brought all of the toys we couldn't fit on the plane from Camden's birthday party. It was like birthday all over again! We enjoyed hanging out and getting a new oven that weekend! Ha! Poor mom and Dad put up with a day of getting that all taken care of.

Camden has found a new place to play in the laundry hamper. He is such a ham these days!