Monday, February 28, 2011

11 months old

I can hardly believe that Camden is 11 months old today. His babyhood is slowly slipping away! I seriously don't know what to do about him turning 1. We are planning a birthday party in Arlington so that all of our family can be there. Camden is just absolutely wonderful. Cliff and I just love to laugh at his silly antics and kiss all over him! He is drinking from a sippy cup now. He is not wanting all four of his bottles anymore so I guess he is going to have no problem when the bottle goes away. I, on the other hand, am going to miss cuddle time four times a day! He continues to cruise along furniture and pull up on everything. He will stand for about 3 seconds. He doesn't really like doing it because he is just too busy to be anywhere for too long! I am sure one day soon he will just take off on his own and be toddling all over. Camden is also wearing mostly 18 month clothing. He's too long for most of his 12 month stuff.

I am so looking forward to spring and summer with him!!! We will enjoy lots of time outside playing in sprinklers and exploring playgrounds. I am ready for some warm weather and sunshine!
This 11 month picture was very difficult to get! He just didn't want to sit still and Cliff wasn't home all day to help distract him. :)

Cliff had to work late tonight so while our dinner was cooking Camden and I went outside to let Pinkie play and to water our plans. He loved watching the birds, playing with grass and leaves and hanging out on such a perfect afternoon.

Donaldson Family Fun Week

This last week my side of the family made the trek to Amarillo for us to spend a fun, fun week together. Aaron, Trish and Denver showed up Friday evening and shortly after Mom and Dad showed up with all four girls!! Leigh couldn't come until Saturay and Bubba just got a new job so he couldn't make it at all. We had a house brimming with little girls and boys and had an absolute blast together!! We went to Glorieta Sunday and met up with Mimi and Bipaw. We relaxed, skiied, went sledding and played alot.

You can see a bit of the craziness in the picture below. The girls thought Camden needed some company in his bed. :)

Denver was such a trooper the whole week. It is hard traveling with an infant!! But I think Trish and Aaron ended up having a good time anyway.

How stinkin' sweet is this picture?!

And this one?! Robbyn and Dakota skiied together up and down this little hill. They both did great and were super adorable. I don't have any pictures of Lerin because she was at ski school in another area.

On our way to go sledding. Mom and I ended up taking the three babies back to the lodge because it was nap time and Camden and Aleigh were falling apart. They both had lunch and naps! Mom and I discussed how crazy it would be to have three babies all at once all the time. I am thankful God gave me one at a time!

Cliff and I got to ski a whole day together with my Dad and brother. It was a fantastic day on the mountains! The weather was awesome and the snow was great! I am so thankful for family keeping Camden all day for us.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spagetti night

We had spagetti the other night and Camden loved it!

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

We call him Taz

Camden is in to everything these days. We have started calling him Taz for Tasmanian devil. You turn your head for a second and he has something all torn up. Papers, tissues, wipes, trash! If he can get his hands on it he'll be exploring and figuring out the intricacies of stuff. I love that he wants to figure stuff out. He wants to know what sound it makes, how it feels, how it tastes, everything! I usually don't mind the messes and there are alot!
That's why at the end of the day he is usually passed out like this. We went to dinner the other night and he didn't even wake up when we brought him in for bed.
This is the sacrifice I make to shower most days. He loves getting in to my cabinet under the sink. It is safe for now until he figures out how to open stuff!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

10 months old

Camden turned 10 months old this past weekend. He is crawling like a speed demon, pulling to stand, cruising along furniture, jabbering like a monkey and making us laugh all the time. He tries to say bye bye daddy every morning! It sounds more like da-da-da-da with the same intonations as saying the real thing. Too cute! Sometimes he gets the b sounds in there too. He's pretty good at destroying a room. I let him get in the cabinet under my sink and he pulls everything out at least once a day. The price I pay to try and get my hair done and make up on. He has all kinds of tricks like clicking his tongue, clapping, blowing zerberts, giving kisses and dancing. He is a good sleeper and still takes two naps a day. He eats everything and only occasionally refuses food. He went through a spitting phase recently. Ugh!!! He would take a bite of food and immediately spew it out of his mouth. I think he just thought it was cool that he had the power to get stuff out of his mouth in such a fun way. Not so much fun for me or anyone sitting near him. He has stopped that for the most part now. Thank the Lord!

Kalie came to visit on my birthday weekend! Yay! We had so much fun hanging out, having friends over for dinner and catching up. The picture below is me in the party animal hat from college. This past year my friends and I have passed it in the mail from birthday girl to birthday girl. I cannot tell you how excited I was to get it in mail! The rules are you have to take a picture of yourself in the birthday hat on your birthday, print the picture, and then write on the back how you spent your birthday. Then mail it to the next girl. What a blast it was to read everyone's notes and see pictures of my sweet friends!

We had our friends, the Mason's, over the other night. Reese is 3 weeks younger than Camden and just the cutest thing ever! The babies love being upside down these days! Ha!

So sweet grabbing hands!

And these are the pictures I snapped of Camden on his 10 month day. He was really busy and I didn't get too many good ones but here is one anyway. :)

On Saturday we went to the church to watch some kids play basketball. Cliff and I took Camden in to the tunnel room to play. He had a blast watching all of the big kids run around!