Thursday, April 29, 2010

1 Month!!

My baby is 1 month old today and I can hardly believe it!! I took lots of pictures today trying to cement the day in my memory. He is just so precious and I don't ever want to forget these sweet days with him. Here are some of the pictures from the day. He is still so serious! He does smile some, but I haven't caught any of those on camera yet!

The morning started in his 'I love Daddy' shirt but he peed through that early on! So...onto the 'I love Mommy' shirt. :)

I have seen some friends do pictures like this with a stuffed animal every month so I decided to do the same to compare how he grows each month.

This afternoon Camden and I went over to my friend Elizabeth's house and got to hang out with her and her sweet new baby Reese. Reese was born two weeks after Camden. I am so thankful for Mark and Elizabeth's friendship. It will be a fun year watching our babies grow together!

Friday, April 23, 2010

This Week

We have had a great week at home this week. Last weekend Debbie came to get some baby holding in. She was here Friday night thru Sunday afternoon. We loved having her here to love on Camden! Then Sunday night Mimi and Bipaw came and stayed until Tuesday morning. The days were again filled with baby holding and visiting. It was so nice to get to sit and talk and share life for a couple of days. I will leave you with some pictures of last weekend and this week.

Camden is already changing so much. He is now noticing light and loves staring at the windows or at the ceiling lights. He loves to be cuddled close and is now enjoying bath time. Only he hates getting his head wet! We got out several times this week to run quick errands. On Thursday we made our first trip up to the church to meet lots of new friends! The ladies in the office enjoyed passing him around and ooing and ahhing! We will be going to church Sunday morning. It feels good for me to re-enter life again!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Aquino Girls

My sister Leigh and her three girls came to visit us in Amarillo last Monday thru Thursday. I am so glad that they got to come and spend a few days visiting Camden and helping out!! I was so sad to see them and Mom leave Thursday. I have to say I have been pretty weepy since then! Poor Cliff must think I am losing my mind. I am so happy but these hormones are on a crazy roller coaster and them leaving town just set me off. Oh my!!

Lerin and Robbyn loved helping feed Pinkie everyday! They could not wait to give her a daily carrot. Pinkie was in heaven with Mom taking care of her. Mom let her out every morning and she just ran the yard all day until she was put up before dark.

Cliff scored major points this week with his neices as well. I do not have the pictures of it on my computer, but he took Lerin and Robbyn to Chuck E Cheese! They came home with bags of cotton candy and a tootsie roll. They were the only ones there that day at 11 on a Wednesday. They had a blast!

Camden has been sun bathing a bit each day to keep the jaundice at bay. His coloring looks great and we aren't concerned at all. Tomorrow we go see his doctor for the first time and then have a photo session scheduled. It will be a busy morning and I am a bit nervious but I am trying to let God take that and I am praying for a happy morning for the three of us.

Can you imagine the wild week we had with this bunch?! We had a blast and the girls were sooo sweet. We definitely had all of them screaming at the same time once or twice! Leigh and Mom were a huge help around the house as I continued to recover. I think I am finally getting back to a somewhat normal state from my surgery. I can still feel discomfort in my incision but overall I feel like I can do alot and for that I am thankful!

Look at how beautiful and grown up this little one is. She is reading a nursery rhyme book here and has so many memorized! She would see the pictures and then begin to recite the ones she knows. I was really impressed. I think she has an excellent memory like her momma. I got her on camera doing a recitation and skit of Little Miss Muffet. I just don't know how to upload those yet. Maybe I'll work on that this week if I get a chance. It is stinkin' adorable!

Below is Camden at 1 1/2 weeks and Aleigh at 6 months. Isn't she cute? She has started chunking up and is a happy baby most of the time giving us the biggest grins!

My sweet Momma and her girls. She is the best NeNe around! I know she must have been exhausted after spending almost three weeks here helping me out and helping with the girls. I am so blessed to have her as my Mom and for her giving up her weeks for us. It was really a gift! And I'm crying again, Ha!, so I think I'll stop now. More later!

A Visit with Cousins

My cousin Chuck and his family stopped through to stay at our house Saturday night on their way back to Denton. They had spent the week on vacation traveling from Denton to New Mexico to Colorado and were pretty road weary when they arrived. We were happy to have them stay and finally get to meet Enzo. Boy is he cute!!! And Ruby is such a doll. I loved hearing her chatter about everything. :) Below are a few pictures I got of the three kiddos. Enzo was so smiley and sweet.
Below is a pic of Camden in his new hat. Isn't he adorable!! I went with my friend Hannah to the Amarillo 'Just Between Friends' sale. I have to say I was a bit disappointed in our sale after hearing about the one in Arlington. They had barely any newborn clothes but I was able to find a few 0-3 and 3-6 mo outfits for him. And this hat for a buck!

This is mt favorite picture of Camden and Enzo. Enzo has the longest prettiest eyelashes!

Camden has had a special week of deliveries addressed to him. I had to take some pictures. Thanks for the outfits!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Sunday

This Easter was quite different than any we had celebrated before. Mom and I both thought it very strange not to be worshipping in a body of believers at church the way we always have. The day was so sweet though spent enjoying out gift from God. Our friends the Maybins brought Easter lunch and we had a great time enjoying one another's company. Our three boys will be great friends once Camden grows! God is so good and we are so thankful for Jesus who made a way for us to have a relationshiop with the Father and to live rich lives of joy!

Thank you Bradley and Emily for helping make our Easter so special!!

1 Week and 2 Days

Camden is already changing so much in the week he has been here with us. We have had lots of cuddle time over the last few days. I have cherished every second of it! He makes the sweetest noises and is happy most of the time. He is sleeping 2 1/2 to 3 hours at a time at night waking to eat and get a diaper changed in between.

Camden's cousins and Aunt Leigh Leigh came in to visit this week. They leave tomorrow along with Mom. It will be strange being home alone with Camden this next week. I imagine there will be lots of crying on both our parts. I am pretty weapy these days! Below are a few photos from the last few days. Camden had a touch of jaundice. The doc said just to feed him alot and let him get some sunlight. The first picture is Camden flopped over in his bouncy snoozing away.

We took lots of pictures of Allie (6 mo) and Camden (1 week). They matched in their green one morning. Allie had fun checking him out!