Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bath Time

We decided to pull out Camden's duck bathtub last night, he loved it. One "feature" of this bathtub is that if you squeeze the ducks bill he quacks. Camden could care less about this fact. That lead Jessica and I to talk about how most of the things that are added to baby toys, safety devices, and everything else are much more for the parents than the kids. All the "extras" are just added so they can charge more and keep parents entertained.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Camden Eating Cereal

Below is a video of Camden eating his rice cereal tonight. It is so fun to see what new thing he will figure out or get to do each day. I am not exactly sure how much he actually swallowed, but he had a great time. -Cliff

YouTube Video

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Guess what??...

...Camden is rolling over!!

Yesterday he rolled over from his tummy to his back four times. We have been working on this for weeks and I knew he was very close. He would turn circles on the floor reaching for toys but hadn't technically rolled over. (At Mom and Dad's house he had rolled over on the couch but he had a little help from gravity since the couch was slightly sloped.) Cliff and I had extended session in Camden's class on Sunday. Cliff wasn't in there but for the last few minutes of class. Cliff had Camden and was playing with him on the floor on his tummy in front of this other little boy who was about 2 weeks older than Camden. Camden started talking to Jackson and they were having a little conversation being so adorable together! Camden started crying at one point when Jackson made an excited squeeling sound that startled him. Ha! So this goes on for about ten minutes. I was helping with the 6 other babies in the room (we had a total of 8 babies with 3 helpers! It was a busy morning!) when Cliff softly gets my attention and says, "Jess, he rolled over!" I didn't realize what he said until he pointed to Camden and repeated himself. Camden had rolled over and I had missed it!!! I guess Camden had waited to show off for his Daddy! Later that day he rolled three more times and I got it on video. :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sweet Day

Our little family had a nice relaxing day today. Cliff got some good and VERY sweet Camden loving today as you can see from the pictures below. It is good having Cliff back! He will be gone again all next weekend, but we'll take what we can get. Check out the sweetness below!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

4 Months Old

Before you see the 4 month pictures of Camden I included a few more of my week in Arlington. We got to spend an afternoon and evening with Dom, Gus and Aunt Lynne. It was so surreal for us to be sitting in the living room with our babies in our laps!! Check out how sweet Gus is!!!

Mom threw a party for Camden and I so that our church family from Tate Springs could meet Camden. She worked so hard and made lots of yummy stuff!! Thanks Mom for such a special day!
Dakota and I matched so we had to have a picture. :) I think we're buds now after getting to spend a week together! My beautiful neice is such a sweet girl. I love watching her and hearing her adorable voice!

And here are the pictures of Camden! He is 4 months and 1 week in these pictures. As I type this he is playing in his exersaucer having so much fun playing with the toys. He has turned himself all the way around in it! I can hardly believe how much he has grown over the last two weeks. He is trying very hard to roll over, loves reaching for everything and loves being busy! We had a long month without Cliff being around much so we are looking forward to getting in to a new normal for the fall.

Cliff had an amazing trip to Africa working with around 300 kids! I will post some pictures of his trip soon and maybe even get him to post for a change. Poor guy is having a rough time with the jet lag but is back at work today after taking a day off yesterday. He slept from about 10 to 2AM last night and was up the rest of the night until 6am when he took a short nap before work. I am praying that he is able to rest tonight!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 11

Well, Camden and I made it home this afternoon. The drive from Arlington was very long, but we made it safely. We had a blast in Arlington hanging out with family and friends. The week went by quickly and we only have one more day until we get Cliff back! I think tomorrow will drag by waiting on him to fly in. I have no idea when his flight lands so I will be anxiously waiting for his phone call from Dallas. I received a txt this morning from him saying he was in the Kenyan airport waiting on their flight.

Camden was a trooper on the drive. We stopped twice for him to eat and to stretch. He did cry off and on (I am sure he was so bored). But thankfully he napped off and on as well. He was asleep tonight by 7:30. He hasn't slept great the last two nights so I am praying he remembers his bed and sleeps at least 4 hours at a time. He has been waking up every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Ugh! Thankfully, Mom was a great help the last two nights and let me sleep some. I am so grateful to her for that! The drive today was made much easier since I was rested.

CANNOT wait to have Cliff home!