Sunday, January 31, 2010

Herd Reunion 2010

Two weeks ago I got to spend a weekend with my college girlfriends in Arlington at Brandi's house. There were 11 of us who got together most of which ended up staying a night or two at Brandi's place. This group of girls is so special to me! I cannot express how thankful I am to have them each in my life. We may not keep in touch as often as we'd all like, but this commitment to get together once a year is just priceless! We shared memories of our college days, supported each other in new ventures for the year to come and encouraged each other. We laughed alot!

They also surprised me with a baby shower! I brought home lots of cute baby stuff! Thank you girls for taking the time to celebrate baby Cary with me!!! Below are a few pictures of the weekend. I didn't get my camera out near as much as I'd like I was just soaking up the little time I had with them!

Below from left to right: Kate, Me, Sarah, Stephanie, Kalie, Becca, Meredith, Jan and Brandi

We were also very thankful that two of our friends and college RA's showed up to hang out on Saturday. Thanks Michelle and G for making time to hang out!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

31 weeks 4 days

I had another doctor's appointment today. Everything looks great so far! The doctor saw the baby kicking around and she seemed pleased. I am thankful that the appointments are short and sweet. I am feeling good. It seems that the online concensus for the baby poll to the side has decided that we are having a baby boy. :) This is a hotly debated issue around here. Our church family here at FBC Amarillo has decided we are having a girl. The Cary's believe we are having a boy. The Donaldson's are pretty undecided at this point. I absolutely cannot wait to find out!! As anxious as I am about the birth day, meeting our baby boy or girl will definitely make all of the anxiety melt away.

Cliff and I officially graduated from baby class Tuesday night. We know it all now! :) We have practiced swaddling, learned the five S's to sooth our baby, seen graphic films of birth both live and cesarean, Cliff has learned how to be a human table (ask him about it!), and we have practiced a breathing technique. Now we must just wait for baby to arrive and watch all of that learning go out the window! Ha!

In other news: Last weekend was an absolute blast with all of my sweet friends. I have hit the ground running ever since being back in town so I have not had a chance to upload pictures yet. The reunion was a blast and Dom and I enjoyed a Sunday morning together. I got to see Gus who looks much better this time than the last time I was there a month ago. I am so thankful for God's answering our prayers! He is a strong baby and so beautiful. :) Dom and I enjoyed a manicure and pedicure and lunch together. I wish we could to it more often!

Cliff and I are getting ready for a week of vacation. We are headed to Glorieta and my family is joining us. Needless to say this week has been a crazy one getting our house ready for company and getting stuff together for being gone. It has felt like we were moving again with boxes everywhere from the baby room project. I willl post pics soon!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Weekend to Look Forward To

I am at work today. Nothing special about this day really. Cliff is out of town at a conference, he will be home sometime Wednesday night. Tonight I will be going to baby class to learn about birth while trying not to freak out over the many unknowns to come. 10 weeks and counting until we meet baby Cary. I am still feeling good. Sleeping at night is not the greatest joy it once was since I have to get up several times and I have a hard time finding a comfortable position. But hey, if that is my only complaint, I think I'm doing pretty good!

I am soooo ready for Friday. Cliff and I are kind of living our lives this week in passing. He gets home Wednesday night and then I will be leaving him Friday right after work to head to Arlington where I will get to see many of my college girlfriends!! (The drive is not really something to look forward to, but you do what you gotta do right?) Brandi has been so generous to let us crash at her place for a couple of nights. I am sure there will be constant chatter and some good food thrown in the mix. We will get to the end of the weekend and say we wish we had more time. That seems to be the way it always ends. Many of us only "stay in touch" through facebook so it will be such a treat to get to talk face to face and catch up on life this past year. I can't wait to look through old pictures of our days in Brownwood together and reminisce. Those were the best days!! I am so thankful that my parents gave me those four years of college!

I think the picture below pretty much sums up the fun and carefree time that college was! Ha! We have all changed, we have all been through struggles that have shaped us into different people. Some of us have travelled to far away places, started new careers, continued in our education, gotten married, had babies, experienced loss of all kinds, moved to new homes and so much more. All of us have learned new things about ourselves and about God.

I also get to stop in and see Dom and Gus and maybe Luke on Sunday morning on my way back to Amarillo!! I am equally as excited about getting a few hours with them! I hate that it has to be under such circumstances, I wish I could see them at their home in Denton rather than at the hospital. We will make the best of it though!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Slideshow of holidays

I haven't had time to upload pictures and I finally figured out how to make a slideshow of photos for you to view. The holidays were a busy, fun time with family. Since being back home we have been running here and there trying to get back in a routine while also planning for the baby. Cliff helped me paint the bedroom. I am so happy with the color! I will post pictures when I get it put together. We have a baby bed now, thanks so some sweet friends from back home! I want to paint it too but it has been soooo freezing cold here that I have put it off. I think it is going to take some work to finish all of the little peices on it.

Enjoy the slideshow.

Friday, January 1, 2010

And it is 2010!

2010...I have sure looked forward to this year for a very, very long time. I rang in the new year with my dear friend Kalie last night. She has been in town with her family for a couple of weeks now. Her family was so kind to give her up for a night so that we could hang out. It was so good to talk, make cookies, and watch a fun movie. We even had a quick visit from two other friends from Brownwood, Kayla and Wendy! They were stopping in Amarillo over night on the way home from a ski trip.

Kalie left mid morning and I have had the day to rest and refinish a chest of drawers for the babies' room. I sanded it down and put two coats of paint on. I have just a few touch ups left. It looks great! Cliff offered to help paint the whole room next weekend so I changed gears for my original plan this weekend. He is off hunting again at the Ranch so I have a quiet couple of days left. I am looking forward to dinner with friends tonight. And I am missing family who are celebrating the holidays in Oklahoma with Grandaddy and Grandma Patti. I definitely hate missing out!

I am not much on making new year's resolutions. But I definitely have alot to look forward to this year. In 11 short weeks we will be holding out precious baby. While I have no idea how drastically life will change I am ready to embrace those changes whatever they may be.