Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 9

The past two days have been pretty laid back around here. Camden is doing well, trying so very hard to roll over lately! He 'rolled' from back to front while laying on the couch today but that was mostly due to the help of gravity. (He didn't roll off the couch for the record, just towards the back of the couch.) He still hasn't done it while on the floor. I imagine he is waiting for his daddy to come home to officially roll over. :) We are so ready for Cliff to come home! We are enjoying time here in Arlington, but you can't replace the daddy! And we are both ready to see him. I skyped with Cliff yesterday and probably won't hear from him again until he is in Dallas. Today they spent the day at the crocodile park with the BCC kids. The pictures from their blog are so cute and it looks like they had a blast! (

Another day of church tomorrow at Tate Springs with family and friends then home on Monday.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 6

Yesterday we met up with the cousins for a photo shoot! You can see two of the shots below. They turned out soooo cute! Trish shot them for us. I had her take a few of Camden since he is four months old today! In the shot below I was so afraid he'd fall over that I had my hand stuck out a little too far. We'll have to crop my arm out! Ha! Thanks Trish for working so hard to get all five kids looking in the same direction!

Today Mom hosted a sweet tea to introduce Camden to some friends. It was so nice seeing old friends! We had yummy food, delicious desserts and drinks! Mom worked hard to make today special for us. We actually have round two this afternoon from 4-6 for those who work so that they can come meet Camden.
Tonight Kalie is coming through to stay the night! She flies out tomorrow and needed a place to stay so it worked out for her to stay here. Brandi is going to come by to say hi as well!
I got an e-mail from Cliff. He is doing great. They have one more day of VBS and then a fun day with the kids on Saturday. A little bit longer and he'll be home! We miss him a ton!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 4

No pictures again today. Camden and I enjoyed a relaxing day at home most of the day. We stayed home most of the morning and visited with Aunt Lynne who had stayed the night. Then went to lunch with Dad while Mom worked today. We ran a couple of errands before hanging out with Leigh and the girls. Then had dinner over at Aaron and Trish's. But the best part of the day was skyping with Cliff!!! We got to talk for a long time. Camden just jabbered away to Cliff and told him all about being at NayNay and Grump's house. It was really cute. They are doing well in Kenya. He and his team are working with 300 kids!! 7 more days until he comes home and we can't wait!

Kenya Mission Trip

Jessica has been after me lately to post on our blog. I figure there is no time like being in Africa to make my first post in a long time. I am glad Jessica has been keeping you somewhat updated on all that is going on.

A brief description for those of you who are wondering what I am doing in Africa. This is my third year to have the privilege of going with our church to Nairobi, Kenya to work in a Buckner orphanage. While at the orphanage part of our team conducts a VBS while the other half run a medical clinic. From all that I can tell the clinic is going very well this year.

As I am writing this it is Tuesday night in Kenya and we have just completed our second day of working at the orphanage. We are having a great time but things have not quite gone as planned. As Jessica already mentioned we did not receive our bags upon arrival in Kenya. It is sort of understandable to lose one or maybe two bags, but 27?!? How does that happen? It was no big deal, we sort of stuck out in our relaxed airplane clothes on Sunday at church, but bring the only white people around we were already a spectacle. For me it was so good to be back worshipping with these people. It was so wonderful to see familiar smiles and receive familiar hugs.

The next funny thing happened on Sunday afternoon as the VBS team began our final preparations for the week. For the VBS we were told we would have 32 kids, so as anyone would do we brought supplies for 45. The fun began when we were told we might have a few kids from the school that is on the orphanage grounds. We were told maybe up to 120 or 150 kids. This sounds crazy since we planned for much fewer but we just said ok and worked it out. The story get better…

On our way to the orphanage on Monday (yesterday) we were informed that we would actually be working with all of the school children. This is a total of 300 kids!!! No small task for only 7 VBS workers! As before we sat down and figured out a way to make it work. It has been 2 wonderful days and we are almost ready for tomorrow. God has truly blessed us by giving us the opportunity to make the best of every moment with these kids. Please pray as we continue on this unexpected journey.

I will try to post again sometime this week. Have a blessed day. Goodnight from Nairobi, Kenya

Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 3 - party

I haven't heard from Cliff today but we sure are missing him! Cliff, I hope you enjoy the videos of our party today. Camden is doing great! He enjoyed being in the water and napping off and on while everyone else played. You can see everyone at the party in the video below.

Video of Camden in water

Camden's First Swim

We got to go over to Kimmie Jo's today to swim. It was a big party with all our family there, Dom, Gus and Aunt Lynne, Rendi and her boys, Holly and her kids, and some of Kimmie Jo's family too. We even got to hang out with Kari and Mason for a little while! The girls had a ball swimming and Camden was totally relaxed in the water.

NeNe and Gigi with a sleeping Camden.
Kimmie Jo, Jessie in her lap and Leigh! Thanks Kimmie and Brad for having us over!!!

Rendi with Jake, Trish with Dakota and Robbyn swimming.

Me and Camden! Wish I hadn't had mascara on!! Ugh!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 2

Well, no pictures for you today, but it has been a great Sunday. Camden and I got to skype with Cliff and see his face. He made it safely to Kenya with the team. But they have NO luggage!! Every bag was missing when they arrived in Kenya and they still haven't gotten them back yet. Cliff said they are faring well though and should have their luggage first thing in the morning. The team also has another challenge to deal with as they begin day 1 with the kids tomorrow at the Baptist Children's Home. Instea of 40 kids, they will be having well over 100 kids each day for the VBS. The whole school gets to participate instead of just the kids staying at the BCC! Cliff sounded very positive at all. They are just having to be flexible and roll with the moment. Please pray for their continued safety and that God would use each person as He sees fit throughout the week.

Camden and I enjoyed a morning at my home church, Tate Springs. It was so good to worship with family and my church family. Also, it was such a wonderful change to worship in a place where so many wonderful memories live for me! Camden got to be in the same nursery where I spent many Sundays as a baby. The lady in the nursery this morning was the same lady who rocked me when I was a baby. Camden did great and got to hang with his cousin Aleigh during worship! We rested this afternoon and then went to a friend's 50th birthday party at On the Border where we saw many old Tate Springers! Camden slept the whole time but I sure did enjoy seeing so many dear friends.

Tomorrow we get to swim with the cousins and see Dom, Gus and Aunt Lynne! Fun day ahead!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 1 Conclusion

Day 1 has come to an end. It is 8:30 and as sad as this may seem to some I am about to go to bed. We have had a full afternoon of fun with the family. Camden was worn out and fell asleep about 8. We went to Westin Gardens today to check out the renovated 'boat.' It was gorgeous there! We walked around the ponds, saw many flowers in bloom, checked out some goldfish, and saw lots of cute cats. We were all hot and sweaty by the end, but we enjoyed the afternoon together. After that the girls all came over for hot dogs at Mom's house. Camden has been such a trooper today through the hot outdoor excursion and the craziness of having four little girls running around! He loves having the little girls talk to him. He smiles and talks back to them.

Here we are all geared up to go walk the gardens. Camden fell asleep for most of the tour!

Below are the three of us, Trish, me and Leigh with our babies. Aleigh is 9 months, Camden 4 and baby Donaldson will be here in October. They will all be buds! Aleigh wants to eat Camden all the time!

And finally, our smiley Robbyn! She is such a poser these days giving big cheesy smiles! Cliff we hope you are having fun in Kenya and we love you very much!

Day 1

Day 1 of 12 without Cliff has begun. I survived the drive to Arlington with Camden from Amarillo. The last two hours I wanted to shoot myself but that is a faint memory now (Camden cried most of the last two hours AND we were stuck in traffic in Fort Worth). I was welcomed by three little squeely girls yelling my name! Lerin, Robbyn and Dakota all came running up when I got out of the car at Mom's house and gave Camden and I the biggest hugs and kisses. The drive was totally worth it! Camden slept good last night and we have enjoyed this lazy Saturday morning by going to breakfast with Mom and a nice walk outside.
Camden zoned out during the walk on NeNe's chest! It was nice and cool outside!

We miss you already Cliff!!! 11 days and counting!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Camden's Dedication at FBC Amarillo

I finally figured out how to get videos off of our video camera to put on the blog. I have several great videos of Camden, but the videos take almost an hour to upload! So for now you get to see Camden's dedication. It was a very sweet time for us. We are so thankful for God's precious gift to our family!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2 and 3 months

Camden is so much fun these days! He is reaching for toys, smiling and giggling. He is trying to roll over and can entertain himself for a little while moving around on his blanket.
We had dedication at church on Sunday. Our parents and Cliff's grandparents made the trip for the dedication. We cooked out for the 4th and saw fireworks from our backyard on Sunday night.

Camden is now three months old! I skipped posting his 2 month pic because we have been really busy. We had the trip to Arlington, then a week of preparation for VBS then VBS week. Camden had a blast at his first Vacation Bible School. He got to hang out with two other baby girls every morning and was spoiled by his teachers. It was a tiring week but so much fun!

3 month picture