Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Big smiles

This kid makes me smile!

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Monday, May 16, 2011


This is how Camden eats these days! He must have a fork in one hand while mostly using the other.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Momma, Zoo, and Haircut

Below are a few pics of Mother's Day. Poor Cliff was home sick Sunday morning so Camden and I went to church together as normal and then came home for a quick lunch then a good long nap. I set up Camden's new swimming pool and the two of us enjoyed some time in the 90 degree weather! He liked the water but we really needed some of our big cousins to come help us learn about how to play in a pool!! He would only stay in the water if I put my feet in like this. Goofy kid!

I asked him for a mother's day kiss and he just laughed!!

Best picture of the day! He only left his hat on for the length of time it took to take this picture.

Last Monday my friend Hannah and I took our babies to the Amarillo zoo for the first time. Surprisingly, the Amarillo zoo wasn't bad! We went on free Monday and got to see the lions, tigers, bears, lemurs, and monkeys! It was kind of hot but I think the kids enjoyed the little stroll through the park.

Camden posing with Harper at the end of the outing. Harper is almsot 9 months old and one cute little girl!

These gorgeous curls are gone. :( Cliff and I decided to go ahead and get his hair cut today. The front and sides were getting very unruly! Camden would get food in the front every morning and it just would not cooperate most days. The back was just too beautiful though. I may be having second thoughts now that they are already gone!

He was a champ for Jacinda! He sat so big in the chair and loved watching the activity in the salon.

Don't worry, we have a whole baggy of sweet curls. He looks like such a big kid now!!

Megan and Trey came over tonight so Camden and Jack got to play. Jack is 2 months younger than Camden and is walking all around. He was teaching Camden a thing or two tonight. And Camden is sporting his new cut, looking pretty adorable.