Thursday, September 20, 2012

Camden and Iven

I finally got a photo to successfully upload to Blogger!! Miracle of miracles. :)  There is no way I'll be able to catch up from all the fun trips and things this summer but I can update the world on what's going on in our family.

We are going from a family of three to a family of five in a matter of four months.  Yes, the cute little guy in the picture above is our new son Iven.  He is one month older than Camden. His birthday is February 23rd and Camden's in March 29th.  Boy are we busy!!!  (I am not allowed to post pictures of his sweet face)

Tomorrow, Iven will have been with us for a whole month.  He is the youngest of five children.  The family came over from Africa about 5 years ago.  Iven was the only child born here.  Very long story short, Iven cannot go where his brothers and sisters are living.  He needed a home and we are the closest to family he's got.  We couldn't bear for him to go live alone with foster parents who would be strangers to him.

We do not know how God will continue to write our stories.  Iven will be with us for at least a few years.  God has asked us to be available to love. It may not be easy and is already full of heartache, but God is faithful. I am asking him to prove his promises to us! He hasn't failed us yet!

Baby girl will be here in a matter of 10 weeks. I am in a bit of shock at how soon she'll be here.  I am so ready to meet her but I am also not ready yet! We have a room to prepare (paint and decorate all girly), Christmas shopping that needs to be done and a host of other to-do's before her arrival.  I have a feeling it will be a bit of "ready or not, here she comes!"

I am feeling great, tired alot, but overall feeling good. She is growing just fine and looks pretty beautiful from the sonogram pics.  The boys love touching my belly and talking about baby sister.  Even Iven is pretty intrigued at the thought of a baby around here.

Camden has done so well transitioning to having Iven here.  He had some trouble sleeping for the first couple weeks but is better now.  The boys have their own rooms right now. He is learning to share.  Poor guy has had a crash course in sibling sharing/competition.  We ask daily for wisdom from God on how to parent in a new way.  Camden has strep throat right now and is pretty miserable.  He had a shot this morning and I am praying that by morning he'll be back to his happy little self. 

I am so thankful for Cliff! He has been so helpful this past month!!  Truly God is providing for us in every way.  I plan on being so very tired for the next year, but I wouldn't trade tired for the sweet hugs of two little boys and the excitement of a sweet girl on the way!