Sunday, November 25, 2007

Some Thanksgving Photos

Lerin loved playing with Uncle Cliff on the playground. She is talking up a storm these days!

We had a recommitment service for Mimi and Bipaw's 50th wedding anniversary that will be Februrary 1, 2008. It was a special time for the family.

This is the Hancock family, Lynne, Dom, Phoebe, Bobby, Ginger (with baby in tummy) and Chuck.
This is my family. Dad is hidden behind us! Trish has a baby on the way. We are so happy that our family is growing and growing!

This is Robbyn. She is three months old now and o so sweet!! She was so fun to hold this week. Robbyn loves kisses and giggles alot. :) She is prescious!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Busy Busy

Well it is Jessica's fault that we have not updated in awhile. With that said things have been going really good but busy. It seems like we are busy all the time now. Over the past two weeks I have had at least 6 days that I have worked 12 hours or more. We just have so many things going on.

One of the biggest was our Daddy-Daughter Banquet that was held last Saturday night we had 105 dads and daughters, it was a great time. All of the girls dressed up so pretty and their dads just loves it. We had a slide show before dinner with funny questions for them to talk about and then someone playing the piano during dinner. Each girl received a rose and a picture frame with a bible verse and then had their picture taken with their dad. For my first big event here I think it was a huge success. You can check out the pictures below.

Jessica and I both are getting excited about Thanksgiving and being able to see family and friends (and do a little hunting). I hope everyone is doing well and we hope to see you soon!

in Him,

Cliff Cary

These two cute girls were baptized on Sunday evening.
The one on the right is our Preschool Minister's daughter, Bethany.
What a blessing it is to work with the children of God!