Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Afternoon

It is Friday afternoon again. You can pretty much bet that I'll be posting on Friday afternoons. It is something to occupy me for a few minutes. It is seriously dead around here. I'm a receptionist, right? Well receptionists answer phones...primary job...on Fridays all ministerial staff are off except for one. Most people know call every half hour. Fun times! I am usually very productive on school work on Fridays. Thankfully I am pretty much done with all of that. Only a couple more assignments due after Thanksgiving.

Cliff's school on the other hand...very different story. Today he told me at lunch that he has a list of to-dos for school that would take him about 3 weeks. Um...everything is due in about a week. Please pray for him this weekend that he would be super productive this weekend while I'm gone! He can't keep going at this pace much longer. He stays up 'til midnight or 1 working on school and then gets up early to work some more with church work in between. :( Poor guy.

Last night he made me a fire in our fireplace for the first time. It was so fun and beautiful! It got really freakin' cold here yesterday. We have been having really beautiful perfect weather, until yesterday. Now it is sooo windy and cold! The fire was sooo nice and fun to have while we worked on school, packed and washed clothes.

Our living area keeps us sane! Nothing else is really in order since the move and probably won't improve much til after the holidays. O well...I'm thankful for it all!

I'm o so ready to see my babies this weekend. I'll post pictures next week and then even more after that from Thanksgiving. O I love this time of year!!

Well, 2 hours and 45 minutes left of my forever long Friday. I think I've exhuasted my blog roll and don't have much else to do. Maybe I'll try and watch something online. Hmmm....we'll see. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Another week

It's Monday again. Another busy week ahead. Tonight I have to go to an Amarillo ISD school board meeting and skip about an hour and a half of my class. It is a requirement for my class to go to a community meeting and I haven't found anything that I could get to. So, tonight I'll be going to that at 6 and then heading over to Canyon to catch the rest of class.

I have three weeks of school left...awesome! Cliff should be finishing up his stuff this week.

This weekend I get to go to Houston for my cousin Chase's wedding. I cannot wait! Except Cliff can't go of course. :( This does mean however, that I have to be very organized this week to get everything that I need for Thanksgiving.

I am making an apple crunch pie off of pioneer woman using her crust recipe. I am looking forward to trying the crust. I like my normal recipe but this one uses egg so maybe it'll be better. Also I am going to make this yummy pumpkin cake. I might make two...that's how good it is. I'm also going to bring a ham and a couple of side dishes. Not sure yet what sides though. I've got to figure that out.

Sunday was mostly a wasted day for me. Church was ok. Then I left to go to Plainview which is a little less than an hour and a half. I had a group meeting at 2 and thought I'd get to Wayland's library an hour early to work on my part of the project. Well...the library didn't open until 2. Plainview is a tiny podunk town and they do not have a coffee shop with internet. The Starbucks closed months ago. So...I parked at the library, leaned my seat back and slept for about 40 minutes. The meeting was pretty pointless. Pretty much everyone just needs to get their stuff done. One girl didn't even show up until 4! Ugh!

We have a ton of work to get done on the house...but the week has started again. :)

I'm thankful for a quiet day in the office
I'm thankfu that I got to chat with Kimberly online for a few hours
I'm thankful that next weekend I get to see LOTS of family
I'm thankful Thanksgiving is next week.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

And today...not enough time!

So time is a sneaky thing. All week I have been wanting those creaping hours to hurry up. Well...then my day comes and it flies by. STINK!

I finished the hallway and the doors. I only got kilz on the one bedroom and ran out of time. Now I've got to write a 10 page paper. Thankfully, it is part way done, but I have to get it done before tomorrow. I will be driving to Plainview after church for a group project. NIGHTMARE!

As you can see I'm frustrated with the weekend that I was so looking forward to. It has been a great day, some things have been accomplished but I know that Monday will come all too soon. At least now I can start hanging things in the living room and the hallway. It'll probably be after Thanksgiving that I can get anything else done. Too bad the family can't just run over to my house to help out over the break. That's what we get for living so dang far away.

This morning I went to a violin concert at 9:30. It was fun. Only spent about 40 minutes there. I had a Home Depot run before that. The first of a couple today. Here are a few pics of the concert.

Mark and Reese are on the back row. Reese is the one looking my direction and Mark is the one to his right. They were so cute and pretty good!

That is Elise, Reese's little sister. It was fun to go watch. The concert was at Barnes and Noble.

Cliff is almost home...I've got to get started.

Friday, November 14, 2008

One more hour...

One hour left of is creeping by. I am so thankful it is the weekend. I practically live for the weekends! It is so hard to get things done that I need to get done during the week. This week has been no different. Monday night I had class, Wednesday was church. Tuesday we had people over for a little bit and took it easy. Last night I ran errands: grocery store, home depot, hair cut. Finally it is Friday and I can accomplish stuff. I have a looooong to do list. I'm absolutely positive that the list will still have a ton on it by the end of the weekend, but we'll see how far I get.

Cliff left yesterday to go hunting at the land. I know he is having a blast with the guys. Tonight I get to hang out with Hannah. Since they moved here in August we have not really hung out at all. I am looking forward to going to dinner and just hanging out.

My to do list:
Paint the kitchen, hallway and two bedrooms
Write a 10 page paper
Meet my research group in Plainview at 2 on Sunday
Go listen to a 30 minute violin concert by a couple of our kids at Barnes and Noble Saturday morning
Clean up before Cliff gets home
Make a list of what to buy for my Thanksgiving dishes

Ok, so maybe all of that won't get painted but I really really want it done! I think I'm going to stay up really late tonight and then get up early tomorrow. We'll see what happens. If I can get the painting done then we can really unpack all of the boxes and find a place for stuff. Sounds like I'm going to be exhuasted come Monday.

I only have about 3 more weeks of classes left and Cliff will be done with his next week. I have this rediculous group project to get off my back before it is truly complete.

I am thankful for the weekends! I am thankful for some time to get things done.

One more hour...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Photo Tour

Welcome to our home: 4408 Kingston Amarillo, TX 79109! :) I uploaded the photos in a sort of order, but they got jumbled in uploading. So bear with me and I'll tell you about each photo.

This is the front view. On the right side of the driveway there are three trees between ours and the neighbors drive. That clump of trees to the left is a cedar elm clump. A really nice part of our front yard. We actually have a sprinkler system so the grass is awesome...perfect barefoot grass.

This is the guest bedroom. We just bought the bed spread stuff and will paint the room next weekend. Cliff is going hunting so I'll have the weekend to work and get all of the painting done...or most anyway. Then I can really begin unpacking and decorate. We bought the mattress and box springs on the black market. The box springs has a space theme...really cool. I am so glad Dad was here to go get it with us because seriously, the warehouse could have been a scene from Law and Order SVU. But hey, in and out, and we got what we needed. They are brand new so don't fret. Come visit us there is a queen bed awaiting you!!

This is the office. It is a bit smaller than the previous room but otherwise exactly the same. Obviously not put together but getting closer. There is a small twin bed in this room. I'll probably put another bed spread on this one so it will be a bit more masculine. This room will house the deer head and other Cliff things.

This is the guest bathroom. We hope to extend that wall up and add a shower head soon. That will mean we'll also retile the bathroom as well. Nice bathroom with a double sink.

Laundry room between the kitchen and garage. Pretty good sized space. Thankfully there is a door to close so we can shut it when it is messy.

Kitchen. I am standing in the small dining area. The kichen is long and skinny with plenty of space.

That is the entry way. I hope to get a rug to put in that area because it is pretty big.

That is the living room view from the front door. It is the only area in our house that is pretty much complete. Well except for wall decorations. The paint looks awesome!! Mom did a great job painting. I love the color we picked. Kind of a pumpkin spice. Yummy looking! It makes the area so warm. We also just got our entertainment center. It has a peice broken but we are getting it replaced. We set it up anyway.

This is our bedroom. Real messy sorry! I took these this afernoon so that I could get some pics up. Sorry it took so long! Our bedroom is very spacious! Can't wait to get it painted and decorated as well.

This is our bathroom. It has two sink and dressing areas. It looks kind of funny but it is quite functional. We each have our own closets.

Thank you Mom, Dad, Leigh, Lerin and Robbyn for all of your help! It was sooooo much fun to have you here.

Big thanks also to all of the guys from the church that helped! Joe, Robby, Jeff, Bradley, Adam and everyone else who brought us food and other helpful stuff. Martha, thank you for loving us and helping us out!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

This week

No pictures yet of the house. Those will come this weekend hopefully. I haven't had much time on the lap top at home to load pictures.

Dad, Leigh and the girls left yesterday morning. I was sad to see them go. Lerin and Robbyn were so much fun to have around! Cliff and I missed waking up this morning to little girl noises. It's hard to wake up in a bad mood with sweet smiles and little girl hugs! :) Every morning they would wake up at like 6:30 or 7 and immediately were asking for breakfast! It was so nice to sit at the table with them every morning. They both did so good the whole week while everyone worked around them. I didn't take too many pictures of them but I have a couple that I'll post this weekend.

I took off Monday and Tuesday afternoons but now I'm back at work till 5. Mom is still here though and continues to get stuff done at home. I owe her big time!! I wish I could be there enjoying the day with her. We get all of Saturday together thankfully and then she'll have to leave Sunday. :( I sure wish they lived closer.

More later...