Thursday, July 30, 2009

For Emily and for You

Hi Em! Glad you found the you need to make one so I can keep up with you!!

I realized when Emily commented on my last post that I hadn't announced that I had gotten a new bunny over the weekend. :) After the tragedy of the last poor bunny, I waited until after camp to mourn for a couple of weeks. Then on Saturday I called around to pet stores and found a place that sold them. I went and picked her up. Cliff has the camera so I can't take a picture, but she is a holland lop. Lop ears and totally white! She is about 6 weeks old and I'm keeping her inside until the fall comes. She hasn't made it past 6 days, but I'm pretty confident that this one will live! Not sure I could take another bunny death. :(

Mom and I have enjoyed our evenings together. I've exposed her to the wonderful tv programming of TLC! We've watch I didn't know I was pregnant and The Little Couple. She's hooked I think. :) Tonight is our last evening together. We'll probably enjoy some Chinese food together tonight.

I'm ready for Cliff to come home. I didn't get an e-mail from him yesterday, but I'm hoping today I get a call or an e-mail!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Phone Call from Cliff

I got a phone call from Cliff yesterday around 2. I answered the phone at the church in my usual receptionist fashion and his voice was on the other end! It was so good to hear from him. He sounded very tired because it was around 10pm there. It sounded like they had a good day. Things had not gone exactly as planned with their schedule but they got in alot of play time with the kids.

He returns sometime next Tuesday so he has several more days there with the kids and then he'll spend the last couple of days on safari! Keep praying that God would use the team there in a powerful way. The medical team has worked very hard. Apparantly there has been an outbreak of the Mumps in the community where they are working and they have seen some very sick people.

Mom came to stay with me for a few days! She arrived yesterday and will leave Friday. I have to work, but we get to spend the evenings together. I'm thankful that she is here.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Message from Cliff

I received an e-mail from Cliff yesterday! He said that things were going well and that he loved begin in church at the BCC yesterday. They are about 8 hours ahead of us. He has internet access at the place they are staying so feel free to e-mail him at if you want to. He says it is a really slow connection, but he has access to e-mail. He'd love to hear from home I'm sure!

Cliff said he got the prize for sleeping the longest on the airplanes without the help of drugs! I know he was sooo tired after the week of camp. He said he slept for 6 hours total on one of the flights. The group was missing some bags when they arrived, but 4 of the 5 have made it and they are making do. The other bag should arrive in the next day or two.

There are fewer kids at the BCC this year, 28 total compared to close to 50 last year. The goal is for those kids to be placed out in foster care and it sounds like they are having some success! Cliff was excited that the kids seem to have remembered them from last year and the group has picked up where they left off. This is great news!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kenya Blog

You can follow Cliff and his team in Kenya at their blog site They made it safely to Kenya and have settled in for the night. I am thankful that they made it safely!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Cliff to Kenya

Well, our week at Camp Xtreme was an amazing week! I can't post pictures until Cliff gets back from Kenya because he took the SD card.

I dropped Cliff off at the airport this morning for his long day of travel to Kenya. He was excited but also out of sorts with the craziness of the past 24 hours. We got back home from camp/cleanup about 4, did a couple loads of laundry and then re-packed Cliff for Kenya. I dropped him off at the airport about 8:30, then headed back to the church to work. I get a call from Cliff about 10:00 telling me he left his malaria medicine at home! His flight was leaving at 11:20 so I had to leave work, rush home and then to the airport to get his meds to him. Although, it was a crazy morning he should be in Dallas by now and thankfully has everything he needs. I am so excited for him to be able to go back to the BCC this year and see all of the kids again. Please join me in praying for God's hand to move through the group this week. God's plan reaches far beyond what our eyes can see and I know hearts will be touched. Cliff will be teaching the kids each day so pray for him to get rest even as he travels and to have a clear mind to be used by God. I am so proud of him.

I don't have much planned while he is away. I know the days will fly by. I have some school work to complete and a house to clean and organize. I am also hoping to find a new bunny after the tragedy of last week! I look froward to the weekend of rest...I'm so tired right now!

I have to say, I am so thankful that God worked it out for me to go to camp. I don't have to go to Kenya for a mission trip because God brought 17 African kids to camp with us this year!!! Several of our campers this year were members of our church who are refugees from Tanzania and Sudan. I was able to really bond with four of the girls this week. Sincere, Foibe, Violette and Odette were such a joy to get to know! When I load the pictures I'll share some of their stories. It is unbelieveable all that they endured in their countries. These girls have lived in the states for about 2 years. Our church sure did stand out with 17 4th, 5th and 6th graders chattering in a different language! Ha!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Busy Days Ahead

Today we are packing and getting ready to leave for camp. We will be at Camp Xtreme in Floydada, TX from Sunday through Thursday. The camp is four 4th-6th graders and should be a blast. Please pray for safety of everyone involved and especially that God would move in all of our lives this week.

Cliff will then be flying out to Kenya Friday of next week. We will get back from camp Thursday afternoon and he'll fly out the next morning. Cliff will be gone for 12 days to Kenya. He is really excited!

I'll post when we return from camp and hopefully Cliff will post for us from Kenya.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sad News

Our bunny died this afternoon. We came home from work, went to check on her and she was not looking good. I watched her take her last breath as I held her and tried to make her better. She was perfectly fine at lunch today. She came inside with me and hopped around for a while. I am very very sad and feel pretty guilty. 6 days with us and she died. :(

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The 4th and WONDERLAND and a really cute BUNNY!

This past weekend, Debbie and Kimberly came to Amarillo to visit for several days. It was soooo awesome to have family here. We celebrated the 4th and Kimberly's 21st birthday while they were here. We went down to watch the Canyon parade and then sat in a parking lot near our house to watch the Amarillo firework show. My favorite part of the weekend was going to Wonderland with the family though. It was so much fun and such a beautiful night!

Below is our new bunny! It is about 8 weeks old and sooo cute! I have not named it yet. I kinda wanted Cliff to have some input, but he's not as excited as I am so we'll just have to see. I'm not so good at naming stuff. Too much pressure for me....I'm self conscious that people will think it is a stupid name! I'll think of something. :)
So family...I've not got s substitute for you. Something to love on and take care of as I miss you all so much! I'm praying this bunny turns out to be really sweet and nice!

Friday, July 3, 2009

One adorable neice and a few updates

Well, my house is sparkly clean ready for family to arrive. Debbie and Kimberly (Cliff's mom and sister) will be here any minute. They get to stay all weekend until at least Tuesday! We are so excited to have family around. We plan on eating alot of yummy food, celebrate the fourth and Kimberly's birthday and pretty much hang out all weekend. :) So nice!

With my internship out of the way, I really feel like celebrating. I do have an exam Monday night that I have to study for, but nothing too serious! Pretty much I just plan to pass...I know, not really what you're supposed to do, but that's where I'm at.

Below are some pics of the weekend I spent with Dad in Arlington after his surgery. He is doing really well. He's transitioning to a cane and pretty much getting better slowly but surely! It has been a little crazy around their house this week so he's definitely not been bored!

Also pictured are pictures of one of my neices Dakota! Isn't she so prescious!!!! I got to spend time with her in Arlington and loved watching her smile, giggle and pretty much just be adorable! :) Dakota is a year old now. I cannot believe how time flies. I missed my other two neices that weekend because they were in Houston for my cousin Chris' wedding. Hopefully I'll get to see them soon. I sure miss Lerin and Robbyn and the new baby growing in Leigh!

The picture below is me and Robbie Byrd. Robbie works with Cliff at the church and I pretty much just think she's awesome! She's so fun and bubbly with a very sweet heart. The picture was taken at a Amarillo Dilla's game with the fathers and sons at our church. Cliff planned a game night at the Dillas game (minor league baseball) and had over 50 show up! I am so proud of him!