Monday, January 16, 2012

First of December

Camden is learning all sorts of new skills. You can see he found the zipper one morning! And he has figured out that he can reach the light switches. He turns lights on and off for us all the time. He's such a helper!!

My family stopped in one night on their way to Colorado for a ski trip. I was so bummed that I couldn't go with them, but it was nice to hang out for a little while!

This little guy is a hoot! Denver enjoyed his dinner! This kids is the messiest eater I have ever seen. It doesn't matter what he's's all over. :)

This is the best pic of Camden in frotn of the Christmas tree that I could get. We had our own family Christmas about a week before Christmas day. It was nice to have a quiet mornning at home with a big breakfast and present opening.

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